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Gen Z are applying to jobs through ‘TikTok Resumes’

In its latest effort to connect brands and creators, TikTok is piloting a new job recruitment feature called ‘TikTok Resumes.’ Applications are about to get a whole lot more creative.

If you’ve been looking for a way to get creative within job applications – beyond turning your skills into arbitrary percentages and pie charts on your CV – TikTok may hold the answers for you.

On a relentless rise over the last two years, the vertical video mecca has overtaken Instagram as the most used social media app for Gen Zers. With this jackpot demographic in the bag, TikTok is focused on connecting brands with young creators for 2021 and beyond.

Rumours first broke in May that TikTok was working on a Gen Z recruiting tool to personalise job applications. Now, two months on, we finally have confirmation that the service exists and also a name: TikTok Resumes.

In its pilot stage until July 31, this update provides young people without much professional experience – but apt in video and social media – a creative way of appealing to employers.

Trawling through Indeed or TotalJobs listings with CV in hand can feel like an overly bureaucratic process, and injecting charisma into a 150-word cover letter is far easier said than done. TikTok Resumes offers a fresh and off-the-cuff alternative.

With TikTok Resumes, applying is as simple as creating a video within TikTok (or imported into TikTok from your camera roll) and tagging it with the hashtag #TikTokResumes. I know what you’re thinking, and thankfully no… it doesn’t have to be public.

From this point, employers opted into the program can view your video on a dedicated website called, which also has tips for applying and creating a winning elevator pitch.

If you’re not the savviest with TikTok (and many of us aren’t), you can head to this site to browse listings, fill out short questionnaires, and post video applications that way. Phew.

With as many as 30 brands taking place in the program already, this initiative has a bunch of job roles ranging from entry-level through to major senior positions. If you’re looking to land a social/tech career, many are conveniently targeted at building partnerships with TikTok, such as the Alo Yoga social media manager role.

Beyond that, there are live listings for positions at Target, Chipotle, Shopify, Meredith, NASCAR, and even the WWE. Time to go dig out that old Rey Mysterio mask.

While the pilot is only temporary now, TikTok has long been moving to build out its job seekers ecosystem and in all-likelihood will take the plunge later this year. Brands not involved in the pilot will be monitoring the situation closely.

#CareerTok has become a full-fledged subculture of its own on TikTok. Users visit the hashtag around the rock to share tips on employability, prepping for interviews, and drafting up a top-notch resume, and it goes without saying that companies will want to cash in on this young ‘creator base.’ This will be very lucrative for TikTok.

Recent history suggests that TikTok is pretty decent at staying ahead of the curve. So, if you’re disheartened by your search for work on LinkedIn, give the selfie camera a go. TikTok may just land you that dream position.


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