Our Mission

Create a digital space dedicated to young people that is shaped by youth culture and powered by social change. A place where young people can share the latest trending topics while engaging in dialogue about the issues that are relevant and important to their generation.

Thred Media
We want to connect our clients with the most genuine, credible and cutting-edge Gen Z talents globally in order to help develop their brand and become an active part of youth culture today. We want to produce content that reflects the interests, purpose and true life experiences of young people and drive the conversation among them.

We hope to build a full service media company that is dedicated to understanding, employing and developing Generation Z. A place where they have the opportunity to create work that reflects their interests, purpose and true life experiences.

Our Team

Jenk Oz, Founder
Jenk (15) is a young entrepreneur, actor, musician, DJ, presenter and public speaker as well as being the Founder of Thred Media a publishing, media, consulting and production company aimed at Generation Z. ​Jenk and the Thred Media team of writers, graphic designers, videographers, client partners and data analysts are proud to work on a multi award-winning website which is the largest of its kind with thousands of original on-trend articles, and monthly visitors from over 180 countries.  On the speaking circuit, Jenk enjoys talking about both the future of Generation Z and Young Entrepreneurship with the hope of helping other young people develop their ideas.  He has given two TEDx Talks entitled ‘Ideas Ink.’ and ‘Breaking the Pattern’ as well as having spoken at such conferences as Oxford Global: Model United Nations Conference; Oxford Global: Summit for Young Leaders in Athens, Amazon AWS Summit London; Vox’s YMS New York City; Brand Week Istanbul; NACUE Enterprise Conference, SME Beyond Borders Conference Dubai, Arlix Meet: Young Entrepreneur Conference, and Maximum Achievement 2.0.

Jenk has been featured in over 200 press stories, among them, Forbes and Business Insider as well as having won several awards including the ‘Progress 1000: Most Influential Person- Science and Tech’ from The Evening Standard, the ‘Tech London Advocates:  25 under 25’ award and he was voted ‘Top 20 Young Entrepreneurs To Watch 2017’ by Start-Up magazine. Recently, Jenk received a column in London’s Time Out magazine entitled ‘Ask Jenk’, enabling young people to write in and ask questions on all things Gen Z. Jenk has been seen in West End Theatre, TV, Commercials, Music Videos, Short Films, Voice Overs and several commercial print & modelling campaigns.​ Lastly, Jenk sits on the Advisory Board for both Founders4Schools and WorkFinder App as well as being an Ambassador/Mentor for The Youth Group, Big Life Project, Song Academy UK and Genetic Disorder UK charities. Please see www.jenkoz.com for further information and check out www.thredmedia.com for our media, consulting and production services. 


Carmen A. Greco, Chief Financial Officer
Born in Canada, Carmen attended McGill University and then began her career in finance as a floor trader on the Stock Exchange. In 1991, she moved to New York City and began working at Goldman Sachs as a Proprietary Derivative Trader. She spent nine years working primarely in Equity Derivative Sales, Sales Trading, Trading and Structured Products. In 1999, she moved to London to manage the High Net Worth Derivative Sales & Trading Business and then went on to manage the Emerging Market Sales & Trading Business. In 2000, Carmen became the company’s first female Managing Director in European Equities. She worked at Goldman Sachs in New York and London for more than 16 years until 2006 when she moved to UBS as Managing Director until late 2008. She spent a total of 22 years working in investment banking.

Carmen then went on to co-found Haoma Medica, a biotech company that focuses on the development of drugs for the treatment of Osteoporosis. She focused on the fund raising, financial budgeting, strategic planning, marketing and all legal aspects associated with developing and granting of global patents. The company is currently in human clinical trials. A few years later, she co-founded Aventum Devices Ltd, a medical device company that focuses on the development of Glenoid Positioning Guides for use in shoulder implant procedures.  The guides were used during the first augmented reality surgeries world wide in collaboration with Microsoft Hololens and are currently sold globally. Her latest entrepreneurial venture sees her focusing on the growth, marketing and finance strategies for Thred and Thred Media www.thredmedia.com  (coming soon)

Charlie Coombs, Editor in Chief
Charlie ventured northward to study English with Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham before promptly returning to the south to pursue a creative career in London. As the gaming and music enthusiast of Thred he’s a bit of a nerd, particularly for console news and album releases, and whenever he’s not making socials for Elliot or article images for Jamie he can usually be found crafting playlists and making posters on Photoshop.

Elliot Wheatland-Clinch, Head of Production & Design
Elliot is more of a visual guy than wordsmith, so he’ll keep this short… being Berkshire born and bred, he’s equally thick in the arm and thick in the head. He betrayed his southern routes, moving up north to study Film and TV production at the University of York, and beginning to pronounce grass as ‘gr-ass’ and not ‘gr-arse’. Returning to the land of semi-detached houses, (being equally ridiculed for his newly developed dialect down south as he was up north) he began mastering the art of making tea and coffee as a runner for a post-production house in London. He quickly took up the opportunity to cut his commute down by 90% and started freelance video editing. However, after realising he was talking to his dog more than people and developing an unhealthy relationship with the characters in his audiobook, he soon craved an office environment and began working at Thred.

Suha Al-Dabbagh, Business Development Manager
Suha moved to London from bonnie Scotland ten years ago, to pursue a Master’s degree in International Relations at King’s College and hasn’t looked back since. Yes, she does miss the lochs, deep-fried pizza and was sadly forced to dilute her Glaswegian accent for fear of being forever misunderstood, but firmly believes that London is the place to be. After graduating she embarked on a career in financial services, where she primarily produced investment conferences globally and was part of a team who held the first ever mixed-gender investment summit in Saudi Arabia. After a career break, she decided it was time for a change and what change is better than working for a social change enterprise? Suha is working on growth strategies at Thred Media and implementing and spearheading various exciting projects such as the Thred Change Maker Network. What is that? I hear you ask – Please click here and get on board! In her spare time, she likes to make her own jewellery, provide unsolicited skincare advice, and organise themed dinner parties.

Gemma Robinson, Community Development Manager
Gemma studied Art History at University of Oxford before heading into the creative arts publishing industry, during which time she project edited visually-led design and architecture books. Now, as Community Development Manager at Thred, she leads initiatives to engage and connect our amazing network of change-driven young people. Gemma brings as much creativity to the role as possible and can often be found begging Elliot, our talented Design Manager, for some sympathetic praise of her presentations and documents. A true-crime fanatic, she likes to listen to gruesome podcasts to make time spent updating spreadsheets a little more scarring; by now there is little she couldn’t tell you about cults and killers. Get her started on this topic at your own risk! Or ask her about her more wholesome hobbies instead, which include swimming, polymer clay and papercrafts.

Jamie Watts, Senior Writer
Jamie studied Freelance Journalism at the British College of Journalism before heading straight into sports writer roles for several football news outlets. Following Manchester United’s rapid decline, he had an immediate change of heart and decided to lend his talents to Thred. Now, as Pop Culture Editor, he spends his days jabbering on about the best in film and TV, and occasionally knocks up a hefty listicle about gaming, or pets. Often referred to as the resident cockney, he breaks up the daily hustle by prodding the rest of the office and continues to show unwavering commitment to scaring Elliot once a day with snake related content. He also loves a headline image on Photoshop and gets aroused by a tasty gradient.

Sofia Phillips, Senior Writer
Sofia studied Spanish during her time at the University of Exeter. She chose to spend her year abroad teaching English in Argentina and working as a journalist in Colombia, before travelling across the continent with her camera. Returning to the UK to pursue a Masters in International Journalism and an internship at National Geographic Traveller, she eventually found herself at Thred’s doors. Now, she balances her time between obsessing over the latest trends and telling everyone about the new song she just learned to play on the bass guitar.

Jordan Borg, Client Partner
Jordan is Thred’s resident Yankee and one half of the office’s North American bloc. Once called a disappointing Californian on account of never having learned how to surf, Jordan has many other redeeming qualities such as her knack for words, ability to spin a basketball on her finger despite an otherwise complete lack of athleticism, and passion for reading council recycling pamphlets. Graduating from New York University in 2015 with a degree in Music Theory and Composition, Jordan began working in marketing and communications shortly after graduation, unintentionally giving legs to the baseless stereotype that a career in music is a unicorn. Turns out she just liked selling things to people more! Jordan moved to France from the US in 2017 and to London in 2020. You can catch her looking the wrong way when crossing the road.

Dan Kiernan, The Career Coach, social enterprise specialist
Dan is a careers coach who is passionate about helping people make good career choices. He works for Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford. He wasn’t always a careers coach though: he spent 6 years in a Fintech Startup and 10 years working for an Investment Bank. He’s also ran a nightclub, worked as a librarian, laboured for a blacksmith, worked as a personal trainer and been a carpet fitter – among other things. Having tried so many different paths, he’s perfectly placed to help others in their careers.

Annie Wheatland-Clinch, Social Media Community Manager
Annie is a Trainee Journalist and Social Media Community Manager at Thred, specialising in politics and all things culture whenever she can. Annie spends most of her time studying towards her MA in Magazine Journalism at Cardiff University. It requires fingers on the keyboard at all times. With an undergrad in Politics and Journalism she sometimes make time to watch the news… but only sometimes! As the lead of the Social Media Community at Thred, she is often chatting away to Thred readers near and far. Annie is always the person on the other end of a DM, comment, or tweet!

James Hutt, Senior Consultant and Brand Strategist
James is an unabashed digital optimist and believes that internet technologies hold the solution for many challenges facing today’s world – we just have to find them. Connecting and amplifying those activists who will make positive change happen is one of the challenges that James is keen to make progress on. Following education formally at Cambridge and Harvard, on the job in Financial Markets and by trial and improvement at 2 previous start-ups James is now ready to learn from the communities that Thred brings together – as writers, clients, partners, interviewees and friends.

Harry Beard, Senior Consultant and Brand Strategist
Harry is a 21 year old Gen Z specialist, who began his consulting work back in 2015 when he regularly worked alongside some of the UK’s fastest growing creators- Koomz, Vjamahh, Carnage- who were creating content alongside major influencers such as KSI and Julius Dein. He has since worked with brands helping them to engage with his generation. Harry’s works include an award winning documentary with Irish You Tube ’Stellar’ that delved into the lives of three Gen Zers excelling in their fields as well as projects with the cartoonist behind Instagram sensation Ketnipz. Harry has given a Tedx Talk on global Gen Z themes and spoken at events such as EY’s EOY-2019 and Retail Week’s Tech. event on everything from winning the hearts of Gen Z consumers through to the on-line craze “World Record Egg”.

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