Jenk is a 15-year-old young entrepreneur, professional actor, musician, DJ and presenter as well as being the Founder & CEO of Thred Media (formerly iCoolKid), a Publishing, Media, Consulting and Production company aimed at Generation Z.

Jenk has a team of amazing writers, graphic designers and videographers at (consulting) and (publishing). Jenk is very proud that Thred is a multi award-winning website which is the largest of its kind with thousands of original Youth Culture and Social Change focused articles. The site sees monthly visitors from over 190 countries and has won several awards including four W3 Awards, an International Davey Award, Amazon AWS Activator Award and been a finalist for both a KidScreen and Little London Award. 

Jenk has been seen in West End Theatre, TV, Commercials, Music Videos, Short Films, Voice Overs and several commercial print & modelling campaigns. On the speaking circuit, Jenk enjoys talking about both the future of Generation Z and Young Entrepreneurship with the hope of helping other young people develop their ideas.  He has given two TEDx Talks entitled ‘Ideas Ink.’ and ‘Breaking the Pattern’ as well as having spoken at such conferences as Oxford Global: Model United Nations Conference; Vox YMS NYC Marketing Conference New York City; Oxford Global: Summit For Young Leaders; Amazon AWS Summit London; Brand Week Istanbul; NACUE Enterprise Conference, SME Beyond Borders Conference Dubai, Arlix Meet: Young Entrepreneur Conference, and Maximum Achievement 2.0.

Jenk has been featured in Forbes and Business Insider as well as having won several awards including the ‘Progress 1000: Most Influential Person- Science and Tech’ from The Evening Standard, the ‘Tech London Advocates:  25 under 25’ award and he was voted ‘Top 20 Young Entrepreneurs To Watch 2017’ by Start-Up magazine. Recently, Jenk received a column in London’s Time Out magazine entitled ‘Ask Jenk’, enabling young people to write in and ask questions on all things Gen Z.

Jenk sits on the Marketing Board for both Founders4Schools and WorkFinder App as well as being an Ambassador/Mentor for Big Youth Group, Big Life Project and Genetic Disorder UK charities.

Public Speaking

Jenk enjoys both teaching and speaking publicly on the topic of Generation Z and young entrepreneurship with the aim of helping other young people develop their ideas. He has created a teaching workshop entitled ‘Ideas Ink.’, where he guides young people through the process of getting their ideas out of their heads and onto paper.

Jenk has given two TEDx Talks entitled ‘Ideas Ink.’ & ‘Breaking the Pattern’; spoken at Oxford Global: Model United Nations Conference, Oxford University; Amazon AWS Summit London; Brand Week Istanbul; SME Beyond Borders Dubai, KidTech London, Arlix Meet: Young Entrepreneur Conference, Maximum Achievement 2.0, Oppidan Education Conference as well as having won awards such as Progress 1000: Most Influential Person, Science and Tech 2017 from The Evening Standard and being voted Top 20 Young Entrepreneurs To Watch 2017. Past Public Speaking Engagements:

TEDx Talk
‘Ideas Ink.’
TEDx Harlow, UK
11 year old Jenk, one of the youngest TEDx speakers gives his talk entitled Ideas Ink. for the very first time.

TEDx Talk
‘Breaking the Pattern’
TEDx King’s College, UK
Jenk both hosted & spoke at this TEDx event entitle Breaking Patterns; which he feels very passionately about.

Oxford Global: Model United Nations
Student Union, Oxford Univ, UK
Jenk was the closing speaker at the three day event held inside the prestigious Oxford University Student Union.

Amazon AWS Summit London
Amazon Conference, UK
Jenk spoke about iCoolKid & interviewed Dr Werner Vogels about everything from AI to Big Data.

SME Beyond Borders Dubai 2019
Marriot Marquis, Dubai
Jenk spoke about how Gen Z sees the next 10 years: education, employment, food, social responsibility, social media, advertising, marketing, food, technology.

Oxford Global: Summit for Young leaders 2019
Byron College, Athens, Greece
Oxford University hosts a 5 day conference on Leadership. Jenk spoke about young entrepreneurship, gig economy, new reality for employment.

Brand Week Istanbul Turkey
Brand Week Istanbul, Turkey
Speaking in front of 2000+ people, Jenk presented on young entrepreneurship and starting iCoolKid.

Tech. Retail Week Conference
Tech. Retail Conference, UK
Gen Z Consulting: Jenk spoke at this industry led conference about retail trends and how to garner share of mind & wallet.

KIDTech Conference London
KIDTech Conference, UK
Jenk spoke about starting a company at a young age and how modern technology helped achieve his goals.

NACUE Enterprise Conference 2019
NACUE, University of Kent, UK
Jenk spoke about young entrepreneurship and how to get your company out of the classroom and into the Board room.

Maximum Achievement Conference 2.0
Self Made Conference, UK
Jenk spoke about young entrepreneurship and using winning strategy to forge ahead despite one’s age.

The Future of Social Media
Oppidan Education, UK
‘A Life On Line, the Future of Social Media’. Disucussion centered around the benefits and draw backs of a life on line at all ages.

Arlix Meet: Young Entrepreneur Conference
Arlix Meet London, UK
Ideas Ink.: Jenk spoke about young entrepreneurship and how he created iCoolKid.

Young Entrepreneur Festival
Kidpreneur Conference, UK
Jenk spoke about starting a company and taught 8 Ideas Ink. workshops to young people.

Charity Partnerships

Jenk likes to focus his time on helping young people achieve their goals and improving their odds for success. With that as a goal, he has concentrated his work around education and employment while still leaving room for the amazing work done by one of his favourite children’s charities, Jeans for Genes. 

Member Marketing Advisory Committee
Visits schools to speak to young people and inspire them to pursue goals and unearth ‘Lost Einsteins’. Their mission is to inspire students and prepare them for the rapidly changing world of work. They do this by enabling educators to invite business leaders for encounters with their students.

Workfinder App
Member Marketing Advisory Committee
Jenk invites young people to intern in order to get work experience at the office. At Workfinder, they inspire youth to find a future they will love, to discover exciting career opportunities and explore the working world on their terms.

The Prospect 100
PROSPECT 100 is a network of the world’s leading youth talents across several areas. Prospect 100 connects the next generation of industry leaders via competitions and events and provides them with opportunities to take their passion to the next level.

The Youth Group
A marketplace of youth-led services that enable young people to be better leaders, learn the art of business faster, access essential advice and support and build their own personal brands. Tangible tools that enable young people to search out purposeful professional opportunities and gain confidence to start up on their own.

The Song Academy
Ambassador/Contributor/Event Host
Song Academy focuses on the creative process of songwriting – writing powerful lyrics and composing interesting melodies & instrumental parts.  They believe that songwriting is hugely beneficial to young people’s mental health, especially in their increasingly demanding, fast-paced & technological lives, with little time to reflect and create for fun.

Big Life Project
Big Life Project is a ground-breaking online platform that delivers ready-made practical life skill lessons and resources directly to teachers, allowing them to get on with what they do best – teach. The platform can be engaged within the classroom, at home and on the move by Educational Establishments, Teachers and Students.

Jeans for Genes
National Spokesperson/Ambassador
They help disorder-specific charities and patient groups to deliver inspiring projects and support services for children affected by a genetic disorder in the UK. The monies raised on Jeans for Genes Day provides grants for day-to-day support, equipment, nursing and patient support services, and events which bring together affected children and their families.

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