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At Thred Media, we pride ourselves on our culture, our creativity, and our collaborative work ethic. We believe to do great work and build a nurturing environment, it takes a diverse community of like-like-minded people contributing positively each and every day. Thred Media is a community of dedicated people who support each other and work together to effect positive change.

We are committed to fostering an environment that embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), where all employees and stakeholders are able to fulfill their potential regardless of their ethnicity, background, disabilities, orientation, or gender.

Our company is built on original ideas. We have a strong work ethic and the desire to succeed and get our voices heard.


We value social responsibility, equality, diversity, sincerity, inclusion, authenticity, transparency, community, and most of all, kindness.
We encourage empowerment, inspiration, education, idea generation, communication, positive disruption, and forward-thinking.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I)

Thred’s DE&I framework is based on the following impact pillars:
–   Improve social progress and impact
–   Champion an inclusive culture
–   Enhance employee experience

We will demonstrate our commitment to DE&I by:
–   Promoting continuous, transparent dialogue at all levels
–   Reporting on our DE&I progress
–   Maximize our support for Change Makers within our network through mentoring sessions specific to their areas of interest

Social Change Policy

Thred Media is committed to upholding a high standard of ethical practice both in day-to-day operations and as we make long-term plans for the future. 

As far as is possible, whilst also maintaining a high-quality service to our readers and clients, we strive to consider both the environmental and social climate in every decision. We try to minimise our impact on climate change and maximise our impact on positive social change by considering the following factors:

–    The amount of waste we produce and the amount of materials and supplies we use in the office
–    The amount of single use plastic we use
–    The journey of our waste, recycling, and upcycling as much as possible
–    Where we source our materials and supplies
–    How we can minimise our consumption of natural resources including energy and water
–    The journey of our employees to and from work
–    The diversity of our team and the opportunities we provide
–    The values and principles of the companies and individuals we work with
–    The accessibility of our workplace
–    The content we produce
–    The companies, products, and individuals we promote


Thred is a Media, Publishing, Consulting, and Production company aimed at teens and young adults. We are Generation Z – from our Founder to our writers, to our creatives, to our readers.

Thred Media acts as your partner in understanding and engaging teens and young adults. From providing clients with insights and workshops on Gen Z trends to devising, creating, and implementing strategies to engage this narrative disrupting generation – we are here to drive the conversation.

Our Gen Z focused consulting capabilities are fivefold: education, insights, publishing, media, and production. We combine our expertise in these areas with our far reaching network of Gen Z influencers, activists, entrepreneurs, and social media communities. This enables us to deliver the most targeted, up to date, and genuine approach to engaging and harnessing the share of mind of this game-changing generation. 

The central tenet of the publishing business is our website We have created a digital space dedicated to young people that are shaped by Youth Culture and powered by Social Change. A place where young people can share the latest trending topics while engaging in dialogue about the issues that are relevant and important to our generation. We hope to be a positive unifying force that will galvanise social spirit by supporting & integrating with the Gen Z movements globally.

In addition to our editors and in house writers, we are building out a global eco-system of young journalists and activists that want to share their journeys. These remote writers focus on news and social justice with a refreshingly authentic and transparent ‘on the scene’ reporting style. Empowering young activists & writers by giving them a platform to voice the Gen Z movement is at the center of our company.

We create authentic, digital-first content that engages, educates, inspires, and empowers Gen Z readers. We engage collaboratively with our community to support Gen Z movements globally.

We produce short and long form videos and animations on a daily basis, appearing across all social media platforms and YouTube. Our unique and original productions – Thred Dailies, Thred Talks, Thred Reviews –  are our signature weekly productions.


To get even closer to the action, consider becoming a sponsorship partner. We have several types of Partnership Packages that include everything from your logo permanently residing on the Thred website, to powering our video offering, to exclusive event opportunities, and of course, premium access to the Thred Network. We make partnering with us worth your while.

For more information, please call or email. We will happily discuss these opportunities further and send you a media kit.