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Privacy Policy

Here at Thred, we respect your privacy and are committed to protect it in compliance with EU regulation. This Privacy Policy explains how we adhere to General Data Protection Regulation; how we use data, our reasons for collecting it, the conditions under which we disclose it and the precautions we take to keep it safe. 

Thred is a Media, Publishing, Consulting and Production company. We trade under the name Thred Media Ltd., the parent company of our consultancy and production services, ‘Thred Media’, our online magazine, ‘Thred’ and all of our social media channels. The following policy applies to all these branches, and all branches are represented when we use ‘Thred’, ‘Thred Media’, ‘us’, ‘our’ and ‘we’.

The user’s rights to their personal data
The user has the right to:
– Request to have their personal data deleted when it is no longer necessary for us to retain it
– Request to see the personal data that Thred holds about them
– Request their consent to our processing of their personal data to be withdrawn
– Request that we change or correct their personal data if it is incorrect or becomes out-dated

The legal basis for our collecting of personal data
– Thred collects data based on consent forms that store documentation about permission given by our users. These are stored in our systems.
– We collect data based on contracts and agreements with our clients, partners, customers and users
– An assessment is made about the mutual interests between a user and Thred. If there is legitimate interest and the rights of the user are not violated we may collect data. In this case the legal basis is linked to our marketing, sales and service purposes and we always inform users about the information that we take, what we use it for and what their rights are

What personal data do we collect?
– Name and email address
– In the case of a company, name, contact information, certain employee names and contact information, information from any client materials provided to us
– In other cases we may collect comments, feedback, suggestions and questions in service communications
– In the case of a purchase of a service or product we may collect billing address, shipping address and payment information
– When visiting one of our websites we collect information about a user’s device such as IP address, web browser information, time zone and some cookies that may be installed
– We also monitor web activity and so collect information about what pages users click on or particular items them view

When do we collect personal data?
– When we believe it to be of mutual interest between a user of our services and Thred, and it does  not override the user’s privacy rights
– When a user of our services interacts with us either through the website, on social media, over the phone or in person
– When a customer or client purchases a service or product from us
– When we approach legitimate third-party sources, and the user of their services has given consent for their data to be shared with others (for example, partner companies, social media networks or insights sources)

Why do we use personal data?
– In order to gain insights about our community so we can improve our services
– So that we can provide data insights to our clients and customers, as long as it does not breach the privacy rights of our users
– To contact our users when requested. For example, sending marketing communications, information about our services, products and events, newsletter services, customer support, reminders, confirmations, invitations to partake in our work, follow up, invoicing, promotions relating to our services and the services of our partners

How do we collect device information?
– Through data files called ‘Cookies’. For more information on what these are and how they affect you, visit
– A technology called ‘log files’ that track actions that the user takes on sites and collects data from the user’s browser type, service provider, IP address, referring and exit pages and date and time stamps
– Other electronic files used to record information about the user’s actions on and journey through the site including ‘tags’, ‘pixels’ and ‘web beacons’

Why do we collect device information?
– In order to improve our websites
– To screen for potential risk
– To gain insights into the users of our sites

How long do we store personal data for? 
We take into consideration legal requirements and laws as well as the time needed for us to fulfil the data’s purpose when considering how long it will be retained for. If we process any data for statistical purposes it will be anonymized, but apart from that it will be disposed of securely when no longer needed. This will happen in what we consider to be a reasonable period of time after the user’s last interaction with us.

Who do we share personal data with?
We do not trade, rent or sell your information apart from under the conditions stated here.
– In the case that we have their permission, we share the personal data of the users of our services with third parties in order to give them insights. This is never done in a way that contradicts a user’s privacy rights. For example, we may ask for certain users of our services to complete surveys or polls in order to give a client feedback about a certain product or branding.
– We also use Google Analytics in order to better understand how people interact with our sites. For more information about how Google may use personal data shared by us, visit
– We release personal information if we believe it is required to protect our company’s rights or in order to comply with a legal process. However, even in these situations we will take reasonable precautions to ensure that the privacy rights of our users are protected as far as possible

Changes to our Privacy Policy
Thred reserves the right to make changes to this policy in case we see room for greater clarity and general improvement, or if we make changes to our legal procedures, services, practices or regulations. 

Contact Information
If you have an queries about your rights and our policy, or would like to get in touch regarding the information we hold about you and the ways in which we have processed it, please email [email protected]


User Guidelines

These guidelines come as part of the terms that you agree to by using our services. For more information on what is included in these terms, what they entail and how they apply to you, please see our Terms and Conditions.

This document clarifies the actions we require our users to take and their certain responsibilities to Thred when using our services. By using our services you are entering into an agreement that you will comply with the terms laid out in this document. Failure to do so can result in reasonable action being taken by us in order to keep our services safe and legitimate. Please refrain from using our services if you do not believe you can comply with our terms.

Thred is a Media, Publishing, Consulting and Production company. We trade under the name Thred Media Ltd., the parent company of our consultancy and production services, ‘Thred Media’, our online magazine, ‘Thred’ and all of our social media channels. The following policy applies to all these branches, and all branches are represented when we use ‘Thred’, ‘Thred Media’, ‘us’, ‘our’ and ‘we’.

– You must be thirteen or older in order to use any of our services. Every Thred service is designed for use by persons of and above this age and we cannot be held responsible for the wellbeing of those that do not apply
-If you believe your child has accessed our services and is below the age of thirteen, please contact us at [email protected] so that we can review any information they may have provided us
– You must be of legal age to enter a contract or otherwise have parental/guardian permission to do so
– You must be an individual, not a corporation, and intend to use our services for personal use
– All information you provide us must be truthful and accurate to your best abilities
– You must be legally allowed to access our services and agree that you are personally liable for any legal action taken against you if you are not permitted legal access and chose to use our service anyway

Device Safety
– You alone are responsible for the safety and integrity of your own device if used to access our services
– You will ensure that your device is equipped with software to avoid viruses, Trojan horses, worms and other dangerous code and content. Thred cannot take responsibility for any damage to your software, device or equipment that occurs whilst using our own services or the services of a third party connected to us
– You are solely responsible for your ability to access our services

Posting and Communicating
– Any user of our services who contributes content or uses our services to communicate with other users must treat other users and the Thred team with respect. Comments must be kept relevant and on topic
– Thred has the right to monitor, modify and remove content submitted by users of our services and we do not tolerate abuse of any kind
– If we believe content to be threatening, discriminatory or illegal we reserve the right to report users to relevant authorities including the police
– You are not permitted to use our services for commercial purposes, such as promoting or selling a brand, product or service
– You must take care not to post anything that is taken from a copyrighted source or that steals from the intellectual property of another party
– You must take care not to post content that infringes on the privacy of a third party, or that is sensitive or confidential
– You must not post content deemed offensive or explicit in light of our audience starting at the age of thirteen. You must not post content that is intended to make another user or third party uncomfortable or distressed
– You must not post content that is illegal or objectionable
– You must not post content that could contribute to damage, loss or harm
– Thred reserves the right to remove or modify content we deem to be in conflict with any of these terms. We also reserve the right to remove the access to our services of users who do not comply with these terms
– You alone are responsible for the content that you post or that is posted using your profile or username. Please take necessary precautions in order to make sure that any usernames, email addresses or passwords remain safe
– Thred assumes no responsibility for content posted by users of our services, even though we do take measures to ensure that our services remain as safe as possible. Users are solely responsible for the content they post, including information they may share about their own identity that could put themselves at risk

Reposting and links
In the case that you may want to repost, quote or link content posted through our services, you must take the necessary measures to credit Thred. This means clearing outlining our content and its source with a link to the original page.

Contact Information
If you have an queries about our User Guidelines, or anything else related to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy please email [email protected]

Terms and Conditions

Thred is a Media, Publishing, Consulting and Production company. We trade under the name Thred Media Ltd., the parent company of our consultancy and production services, ‘Thred Media’, our online magazine, ‘Thred’ and all of our social media channels. The following policy applies to all these branches, and all branches are represented when we use ‘Thred’, ‘Thred Media’, ‘us’, ‘our’ and ‘we’.

Acceptance of Terms
By using our services you agree to accept the following Terms and Conditions, as well as our User Guidelines and Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to any of these Terms and policies then please refrain from using Thred and Thred Media services. In this document, the use of the word ‘Terms’ refers to the conditions of all three of the documents stated here – the User Guidelines, Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

International Use
Thred Media Ltd. operates from within the United Kingdom. All Terms set out in our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and User Guidelines are in accordance with English law. If you access our services from outside the UK, you are solely responsible for complying with local law in your area.

Our registered address: Simmons Gainsford Group, 10 Chandos Street, London, W1G 9DS

Limited Licenses and Intellectual Property
Thred exclusively holds property of the software and technology referenced in our services. If you chose to accept our Terms by use of our services Thred grants you revocable license to personal use of our services. Commercial use is prohibited. We do not permit the sale of our content by a party not in a formal partnership or contract with us, or the use of designs, symbols, software or technologies for your own purposes without our expressed permission. This includes all modified versions.

Copyright Policy
Thred will remove any content that is believed to be copyrighted as soon as we become aware of it. We will then contact the owner of the content and reasonable action will be taken against the person responsible. For example, if the source was a user of the site and they had committed copyright infringement (perhaps in a comment or submission) we would first give a warning. If they continued to commit copyright infringement a second time we would no longer permit them access to the site.

If you believe you have found copyrighted material in our service material, please contact [email protected] outlining where in our material you have seen it and where/who it has been lifted from. Although we take as many measures as possible to make sure users of our site do not post copyrighted content, we cannot take personal responsibility for their doing so. Thred will not be held liable if the source of the copyright infringement is outside of our immediate team.

Advice Disclaimer
Any content provided in our services should not be taken as professional advice, whether that is financial, medical, legal or otherwise. Thred takes no responsibility for the actions you may take because of content seen, read or heard in our services. To do so should be done at your own risk. We also cannot provide personal, one on one advice. If you have further queries about information you gain through our services or find the information in our services triggering or concerning, please contact a medical professional.

Endorsements and Sponsorship
Please be aware that Thred takes payment for the endorsement of brands, companies, products, events and the like. Whilst Thred does take all necessary measures to reveal paid endorsements according to UK law, it is ultimately the responsibility of the user to recognise these instances and form their own opinions accordingly.

To learn more about how Thred collects and handles your personal data and device data, please see our Privacy Policy. This document also contains more information about our relationship with third parties and our use of electronic communications.

Third Party Interaction
Thred assumes no responsibility for the content or safety of third party sites. By using our services you agree that Thred has no liability over your interaction with other sites and companies affiliated with us, whether that be through recommendation, link, advertisement or otherwise. Your interaction with these parties should be undertaken at your own risk. Thred will not monitor their content, policies, actions or behaviour and will not be held liable for damage or loss of any sort occurring as a result of your use of a third party service.

Thred reserves the right to suspend, change or terminate any of our services without notice. This includes any content you may submit to us or to our site.

Changes to our Terms and Conditions
Thred reserves the right to make changes to our Terms and Conditions at any point should we see room for greater clarity and general improvement, or if we make changes to our legal procedures, services, practices or regulations.

Release of Claims
By accepting our Terms you release Thred and employees from claims, damages and demands of every nature.

Fees and Payment
We reserve the right to charge for certain services and products and the right to change these prices and incur new charges at any point. By using any of our services you enter into a commitment to pay Thred applicable fees and charges. Fees made by you will be not be refundable to the greatest extent within UK law.

Production, Consultancy and Insights Services
These agreements apply between Thred Media and Thred Media’s clients, partners and sponsors. When entering into a contract with Thred Media, please also refer to the Professional Service Agreement.
– Unless otherwise stated, everything provided through our services will remain the intellectual property of Thred media. For example, polls, questionnaires, surveys, animations, designs, films, research, insight documents, copyrighted materials, proposals, advice, data, guides, reports. These remain confidential to us and cannot be shared with third parties. The client has exclusive rights to  these materials and can in no case re-sell, re-purpose or re-distribute any of our services or material that comes about as a result of them
– Unless otherwise stated, documents, results, branding or otherwise provided by our services must be publicly credited to Thred and/or Thred Media.
– Thred Media services will be delivered with reasonable skill and care
– When a team is formed to perform services for a client, Thred Media has the right to change the individuals included in the team during the entire process
– Thred Media reserves the right to change the charge to the client during the delivering of services if more work is required at any point, if it is found to be inaccurate or if the specification changes from the initial proposal. Thred Media also reserves the right to make changes to time scales suggested in the initial proposal to a reasonable extent
– If any problems arise and Thred Media cannot deliver a service set out in a proposal the client will not be charged in full. The final payment will be fairly decided on a situation by situation basis. For example, if the risks of non-completion had been clearly laid out to the client but they wished to proceed anyway, and a significant amount of time had been spent on the attempted delivery of the service by the Thred Media team, a proportion of the fee would still be required
– In the case that a client withdraws their request for a service but significant energy has already been expended on its delivery, Thred reserves the right to charge as is seen as fitting on a situation by situation basis
– Any cost, loss or damage to Thred Media caused by the client must be refunded
– For marketing purposes, we may disclose the name of a client and outline the kind of services they required to a third party
– Any opinion, statement of expectation, recommendation or advice supplied by Thred Media cannot be taken as a guarantee and we cannot be held responsible for future events, predicted or otherwise
– Thred Media takes no responsibility for the success of the client. Any damages, injury or loss believed to be a result of a Thred Media service are the client’s exclusive responsibility
– Thred Media may keep data concerning a client and their use of our services for a time that we consider reasonable. The client can request to have their information kept longer but will not be prompted before their material is deleted by us. The client may also request to have their information destroyed after one year
– Thred Media may use sub-contractors in order to deliver services. In cases where it is necessary, we may share otherwise confidential information with these agencies. Other than in these instances, Thred Media will preserve any confidential information provided by the client given to us for the purpose of delivering services
– Thred Media holds no responsibility for illegal activity committed by our clients. We are not liable for the particular use of our services and the material created as a result of the use of our services

In cases that Thred Media’s services include the distribution of material sourced from a third party, for  instance the results of a survey, poll or interview, the client must make no attempt to contact the individuals represented in the material
– Both parties have the right to terminate this agreement if an essential term is broken and is not corrected within a reasonable period of time
– This agreement is broken without the requirement of notice in the cases of bankruptcy proceedings, other significant debt proceedings, insolvency, dissolution, or a ceasing to be in business. In this case outstanding fees must still be paid

Contact Information
If you have any queries about our Terms and Conditions, or would like to get in touch regarding our Privacy Policy or User Guidelines please email [email protected]


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