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Gen-Z TikTok account Rag Report dominating app’s fashion corner

An account called Rag Report operates solely on TikTok and prides itself on being a magazine inspired, collaborative fashion project.

Stumble upon Rag Report’s account on TikTok and you’ll find an online domain rich in fashion knowledge, comprehensive style archives, and all things clothing-related, created by and for Gen-Z.

Getting started just last year under Kyra Digital – a Gen-Z led media company focused on content creation and branding that connects with youth culture – Rag Report has amassed a hefty 1.6 million followers and counting.

The style of its page draws inspiration from monthly columns found in traditional fashion magazines like Harper’s Bazaar or Vogue. You’ll notice these parallels within Rag Report’s repeated features, such as its ‘behind the design’, ‘style evolution’, and ‘gift guide’ TikTok series, for example.

But Rag Report sets itself apart by abandoning the ‘know-it-all’ attitude of fashion magazine kingpins. Instead of acting as an authority over fashion trends, the aim is to be a credible source for style, while also fostering a collaborative, community-focused space.

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♬ Food-JP – Mega Chill

A focus on audience participation

With audience contribution at the forefront of its content development style, TikTok was the ideal choice to launch within, because ‘that’s innately what TikTok is. It’s a platform for creators… not publishers,’ Kyra Digital’s editor-in-chief Courtney Neal told Elle.

The goal from the outset was to ensure users feel they play a role in the kind of content Rag Reports is churning out, meaning that its subject matter is ever-changing and unconfined to a narrow set of ideas.

This is done by monitoring comment sections for content requests, such as a videos explaining this year’s Met Gala theme or listicles of which brands are currently slaying the sustainability game.

And since a large portion of Gen-Z prioritises eco-friendly fashion, Rag Report is committed to using its platform to promote circular, conscious shopping habits while also calling out brands guilty of greenwashing and poor working conditions.

In the publication’s early days, co-founder of Kyra Digital said that ‘any brand not paying attention to climate change and sustainability will find it harder and harder to exist’.

Here are some sustainable fashion brands perfect for Earth Day! 🌎 #earthday #sustainablefashion #ecofriendly #smallbusiness #sustainability

♬ In the Bosom – Sweet After Tears

A goal to lift up small businesses

While a large portion of Rag Report’s content does come from educated audiences on emerging trends and their origins – the latest being body print clothing – it also strives to regularly showcase talented designers with a presence on TikTok.

Rag Report’s massive following means that tagging an emerging designer in just one post has potential to offer them a massive boost, which it has done recently in a feature on TikTok’s crocheting community.

Finally, straying away from the obvious is a key part of the platform’s mission, so you won’t find Rag Report posting for the sake of views. While reporting on trending topics is essential when in the fashion world, the platform is careful not to delve too often into mainstream elements of pop culture.

Admitting that a Kim K x Pete Davidson post will rapidly amass millions of views, the editor-in-chief is determined to showcase noteworthy looks or fashion shows that may have been overshadowed by huge brands or A-list celebrities.

I’d imagine most will agree that this is a breath of fresh air, when most other publications fall into click baiting their audiences or only reporting on the most in-demand storylines.

So, what’s next for Rag Report? Well, staying close to its audience is the key goal, so migrating to other platforms isn’t looking likely. Getting even closer by organising local clothing swaps is on the cards, so as long as Ms. Rona stays at bay.

Staying true to its mission to inspire, entertain, and bring joy to Gen-Z lovers of fashion, the Rag Report has succeeded (in just one year!) at building a digital community on TikTok that will only continue to grow bigger and more connected over time.


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