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Yungblud launches music festival to shake up the ‘too expensive’ industry

Fighting for a new world that ‘represents love, unity, and equality for all,’ the acclaimed singer has announced Bludfest, which offers cheap, and even free, entry to people from all backgrounds. The aim is to set a precedent that music is for everybody, not just the few who can afford it.

To his fans, Yungblud is the voice of Gen Z. And although his music may not be to the taste of everyone (pop-punk often isn’t), there’s no denying that what he stands for is a welcome breath of fresh air in an industry that’s becoming increasingly exclusive by the day.

At a time when Taylor Swift is looking down on the rest of us from the comfort of her private jet and Coachella’s staggering ticket prices are suited only to celebrities with an incomprehensible net worth or influencers with brand deals, the acclaimed singer’s dedication to being vocal about social issues and catering for the masses is admirable.

‘Yungblud is a generational idea that’s gonna fight for a new world because the new world that we [young people] foresee represents love and unity and equality for all,’ he said in an Instagram post, his latest venture proof that this message is one he’s determined to embody, as is using his platform for good.

Practicing what he preaches, Yungblud is launching a festival which offers cheap (£49.50), and even free, entry to people from all backgrounds, with the aim of setting a precedent that music is for everybody, not just the few who can afford it.

‘I’m creating a space where being different is celebrated, a music festival where we cut the bullshit and it’s all about the people,’ the unabashedly political Gen Zer announced in a promo video for the event. ‘Bludfest, August 11th, where the outsider gets to come inside.’

Speaking to Sky before sharing the news, the singer said he was fed up with gigs and festivals being ‘too expensive, too corporate, too sterile, and too privileged.’

To rectify this, he’s teamed up with Tickets for Good to bolster accessibility for people of low income and create something that’s ‘for the community.’

And not only is Yungblud focused on improving inclusivity at an attendee level, but he also wants to address the problem of gender splits on the stages after Glastonbury came under fire last year for having three all-male acts close each night.

‘We’ve got to do it right,’ he said. You’ve got to have representation in terms of race, in terms of gender and sexuality. So, keep up, or get left behind.’

Joining him on the line-up will be Lil Yachty, Soft Play, The Damned, Nessa Barrett, Lola Young, and Jazmin Bean.

There will also be a make-a-friend tent for those arriving alone, and a Discord channel is already up and running for people to get acquainted beforehand.

The motivation behind encouraging connection between concertgoers this way is in line with Yungblud’s manifesto as an artist that encompasses three core values of community, authenticity, and self-expression – all of which are pillars of Bludfest.

‘Five years ago we imagined a world of our own. In Bludfest we have physically built one,’ he said.

‘I want to create a physical safe space where people can come and celebrate the ideologies of this community – where unity, individuality and love is the main focus and where anybody can be completely themselves.’

‘Bludfest will blur the lines of genre and destroy the limitation of imagination. It will be a festival that cuts the corporate bollocks and is all about the people. My plan is to take it worldwide but this summer is the first one and it’s gonna be something no one has ever seen before in the UK.’