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The Samsung ‘Balance Mouse’ runs away if you overwork

Samsung has developed a one of a kind computer mouse that will scurry away if you begin to overwork. It’s a neat idea that reflects the modern desire for a more pronounced work/life balance.

If you’re one of the remaining few who refuse to punch out when the working day is over, you could do with this quirky contraption.

Samsung may be developing an office accessory that takes human agency completely out of the equation, called the ‘Balance Mouse.’

Designed specifically for neurotic office workers, the gadget works the same way as any typical computer mouse – during contracted work hours, that is.

It’s when someone continues to graft outside of this window, that it instantaneously takes on new life. In the blink of an eye, the left and right click panels become ears, a tail springs from the back of the case, and wheels elevate the device off the mat.

Prompted into action by sensors that detect an incoming human hand, the Balance Mouse deliberately evades its owner by shooting forwards and backwards.

Those determined to re-seize control will activate phase two, in which the mouse sheds its outer shell and begins scurrying off across vaster distances and in all directions.

Truth be told, it’s probably not a great option for emergency responders or a homicide detective. But those habitually crunching numbers on Excel may appreciate the intervention.

Now, before you start scouring the internet to buy one, it has to be said that unfortunately the thing isn’t commercially available yet, though it reportedly could be in the future.

The concept originated from a Samsung advertising campaign in South Korea during 2018. This was in response to the company’s own research, which found that every 7 in 10 office employees struggled to log off after the working day had concluded.

The rapid popularity of the campaign saw the YouTube ad ranked first on the country’s largest portal website NAVER, as the message resonated strongly with working folk.

In the years since 2018, discourse surrounding balancing work and life has become increasingly prominent – particularly among Gen Z. Numerous lockdowns have shaken up the traditional working week for many of us, and it’s safe to say that we’re enjoying a newfound emphasis on flexibility.

The phase of ‘quiet quitting’ is currently making the rounds online, where the conventional ‘hustle’ culture is rejected in favour of completing the bare minimum day-to-day. But, this is inherently a western concept and there are folk who’re struggling to find a semblance of balance.

If you’re one of those still compelled to keep grinding, even when everyone else is fishing for their coats, we hope the Balance Mouse can shake some perspective into you.