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Opinion – why Julia Fox is the perfect celebrity throwback

From being relatively unknown to becoming a household name in just a few weeks, let’s explore why Julia Fox is the celebrity Hollywood has been missing.

As we jump from one global crisis and (unwillingly) right into the next, it can feel like the only collective source of mindless escapism we have left is celebrity culture.

When all is wrong in the world, the glitz and glamour of award show season serves as a reminder that all is still somewhat in order, if only for a fleeting moment.

From the good, bad, and ugly red-carpet outfits to the snubs, dramas, and inflated egos – celebrities give us something to discuss with no real political or ethical repercussions amongst colleagues, friends, and strangers online. Feels good, man.

In the last month though, Hollywood’s favourites have become a little unhinged. From Doja Cat claiming she’s ‘quitting’, The Slap by Will Smith, and Kanye’s completely insane public stalking and harassment of his ex-wife, there’s been a lot to unpack.

As celebrities force us to question which moral side we might land on, there’s one individual who has managed to offer us a breath of fresh air through cold, hard entertainment. A break from it all if you will.

Combining equal parts chaotic star power and genuine ‘It’ girl charisma, that person is Julia Fox.


This woman is no stranger to celebrity circles and has been dipping her toes into photography, art, and acting industries for years.

Something of a New York socialite, she boasts bestie status with models like Paloma Elsesser and dubs the notorious Anna Delvey her ‘little sister’. Yet it wasn’t until Fox was photographed with Kanye West in the early weeks of 2022 that all eyes promptly shifted in her direction.

It started with what felt like a 2-week stint dating the music icon, when she was birthday-gifted a Hermès Birkin Bag (worth upwards of $10k) by him.  When asked about the bag, Fox proceeded to say ‘owning it as a non-rich person is completely anxiety-inducing’ and ‘a lot of responsibility’.

Though admittedly unfamiliar with who she was until a few weeks ago, this statement – amongst other moments – has led me to believe Julia Fox operates with the kind of relatability that solidifies her as the genre of celebrity we have been missing out on lately.

Not only does Julia Fox embody the IDGAF attitude of a bonafied modern feminist raised in the city of New York, but she’s emerged into centre stage wearing self-tailored outfits authenticated by how-to tutorials on Instagram, admits to doing her own hair and makeup for every red carpet event, and has said ‘I love it. I think it’s fierce. I don’t give a fuck what the haters say,’ in regard to her signature, blacked out eyeshadow look.

When the short fling with Ye ended, Fox refused to let the media frame her as a woman forced out of relevancy after being dumped by an extremely famous figure. She instead harnessed the opportunity to take control over the narrative by posting the following iconic message on Instagram:

In 2020, two years before her name would grace daily news headlines, Fox told Wonderland magazine, ‘My idea of feminism is doing whatever I want to do. I think a lot of women don’t do that because they’re afraid of what people are going think of them.

If a man can do whatever he wants to do, why can’t a woman? I grew up with my dad and brothers, and it wasn’t until I got a little older that I realised, ‘oh, I get treated differently.’ Why does it feel like everyone is starting at square one and I’m starting at, like, negative five, and I have to work harder to just start where everyone else starts?’

On further matters of feminism, Julia Fox doesn’t feed into competition. While Instagram is practically overflowing with Kim K wannabes, Fox branded the media’s comparisons between herself and Ye’s ex-wife as another ‘unfortunate’ attempt to pit women against each other in order to make someone feel bad.

How refreshing is it to see a celebrity shut down what millions of others might view as a flattering parallelism to simply reassert her own individuality, while opening up the space for both women to continue shining?

Vamping up her notoriety once again was her pronunciation of the film she starred in, ‘Uncuh Jahmz’ (Uncut Gems) in a popular podcast. Fox’s response to the ongoing jokes? ‘Omg I was stoned, leave me alone!! Hahahha’.

Her attitude is one that more people should strive to adopt in terms of embracing personal style and standing firm in who she is. But it’s one many hesitate to do, even in the absence of millions of watching eyes.

Unlike other stars who appear to be crumbling under the pressure to perform for their global and demanding fanbases, Fox has no obligation but to continue being the confident, self-assured person that landed her in the spotlight in the first place – and she knows it.

Whether you understand the hype, love her, or hate her (in which case I’d say you’ve failed to pass the vibe check) you can’t deny that Julia Fox is single-handedly reminding us of what we really want from famous people. That is: outfits to talk about, moments to meme-ify, and an interesting story to follow.

As always-iconic Rihanna content is sure to fizzle out due to her baby’s imminent due date, I am more than happy to have a new star-studded female rebel to redirect some of my attention toward.

Only time will tell if Julia Fox will be able to keep up appearances, continue with badassery without spiralling out, or avoid landing in hot water over serious controversy.

But with a pending book – sorry, masterpiece – on the way and rumours circulating that she may be joining the Real Housewives of New York, it’s unlikely that Julia Fox is going away anytime soon.

Either way, I don’t care what the haters say… I Stan.