Liam Furniss

Remote Writer London, England

Hello there! I’m Liam Furniss (He/Him), I’m a South African writer who is living in London. I am passionate about the conservation of Africa’s unique wildlife, the economic opportunities of the green energy transition, and affordable flat whites.

Liam Furniss (He/Him) is a South African writer currently living in London. He moved to the UK to study his Masters in Literature and Arts at Oxford University where he was able to publish articles in the interdisciplinary arts magazine, VIDES, and the Oxford Climate Review. He is fascinated in the African energy transition and biodiversity protection, and is an Ambassador for intercontinental conservation organisation Rewilding Africa. He is happiest spending time in nature and believes that the more nights a year spent in a tent, the better.

Latest Stories from Liam

Jane Goodall at 90 and the chimpanzees who started it all

Jane Goodall at 90 and the chimpanzees who started it all

The future of Jane Goodall’s famous chimpanzees hangs in the balance, but what can we still learn from them today?  In July 1960, a twenty-six-year-old Jane Goodall decided to move into one of the smallest parks on the African continent to study a troop of chimpanzees. Within Gombe Stream Nature Reserve, Tanzania, Goodall would live, work, and observe these animals, taking the first steps to becoming the conservation superhero she is...

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