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Vine’s creator working on bizarre new NFT console Supdrive

Dom Hofmann, a founder of both Vine and Byte, has announced a firmware console called Supdrive. Using NFTs as game cartridges, each title will be unique to each player.

This whole NFT trend is getting pretty out of hand now.

Dom Hofmann, the founder of TikTok’s 2012 ancestor Vine, has recently announced plans to develop a firmware console which will take classic-style arcade games – like Pacman or Space Invaders – and use NFTs as a virtual cartridge to play them.

If you were previously confused about the nuances of blockchain, crypto, and the rapidly developing world of NFTs, things are about to get a whole lot more convoluted in the near future.

Supdrive is the latest evolution in an already off-the-wall craze, that may be an indicator as to where NFTs are headed in the near future.

What is the Supdrive and why does it exist?

First and foremost, Supdrive will not be a physical console to prop up alongside your PS5 or Xbox Series X, which is probably a good thing considering how bloody giant those things are.

Instead, it will exist in the abstract digital realm, which may be alienating to anyone over 35 who isn’t familiar with cloud services and game streaming. Hoffman describes it as an ‘off-chain fantasy game console,’ which gets us no closer to figuring out what he really means, but we’ll do our best to pin it down in layman’s terms.

Picture a PC gaming library like Steam, a place where digital games are distributed, played, and created. In essence, Supdrive will follow this same formula.

The confusing aspect is gleaning exactly how two copies of the same game will have different features. There will be fixed game sizes, of course, but each version will be unique.

Think different colour palettes, difficulty settings, special abilities, maybe a floating Nicholas Cage mod for your Pacman ghosts… that sort of thing.

Many are comparing Supdrive to another blockchain project called Art Blocks, where creators develop programs that procedurally generate art.

Stored on a blockchain system, programs always create the same art for a given seed (a unique combination code for each user). However, changing the seed is what procedurally alters the way each version of the art ends up looking. Those into Minecraft will likely catch our drift.

People then buy an NFT for an Art Block project which contains a seed, allowing them to generate a unique artwork. Supdrive works in the exact same way.

When it comes to pricing, a release date, or unique console features, we’re just as in the dark as you probably feel right now. I’d suggest keeping an eye on Hofmann’s Discord channel here for the details.

What we can say for sure is that Supdrive games will be strictly arcade style until the firmware is upgraded. Perhaps we’ll one day get a Supdrive 64 or Sup-MegaDrive.

Understanding the growing subculture of NFTs

While most people wouldn’t be too thrilled by the prospect of shutting off their PS5 to play 8-bit Ping-Pong with Harambe heads for bats, it’s the wildly neurotic growth of NFTs as a whole that is spurring excitement.

With origins in Counterparty and nonsensical Reddit forums, memes of Rare Pepes quickly evolved into six figure sales of digital art, which has now evolved into fully-fledged NFT ecosystems where people can buy and sell any theoretical item.

Even mainstream ecommerce sites like eBay are now fully on-board.

NFTs are just another part of the meme culture we’ve cultivated. Much like the rise of Dogecoin, or the GameStop hijacking of the stock market, it’s the archaic yet light-hearted nature of NFTs that has younger generations fully gripped.

Conversation between two Discord users. User 1: When’s the release? Hofmann: Shooting for Oct, will share more details soon. Will prob have some leads activities. Should be something special (smile emoji)
Dom Hofmann Discord

It’s part of an innate desire to say something is ‘our thing,’ and using our random concepts to mix it with industry suits is even more satisfying.

Hoffman fully leans into this inclination with the Supdrive, and has created three separate teams for future players – Red, Green, and Blue – which will have their own collectibles and unique abilities within games.

As you’d expect, rival teams are already memeing the hell out of each other on Discord.

Hoffman has started to provide regular updates on overall progress with the console, so be sure to keep checking his socials if you’re interested in becoming part of the ludicrous world of NFTs.

Personally, I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a green energy announcement revealing its clean blockchain services. If it doesn’t come, I’ll get back to my Elon Musk statue on Minecraft.


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