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Nigeria to host upcoming Global Tech Africa conference

Africa is poised to become a global tech powerhouse and at the heart of this transformative journey is the upcoming Global Tech Africa (GTA) conference in Lagos, Nigeria. This is set to be a milestone event that unites the continent’s critical stakeholders for innovation.

In a world increasingly driven by technology and innovation, Africa has emerged as a beacon of untapped potential.

The Global Tech Africa (GTA) conference, slated for November, aims to explore the boundless opportunities Africa offers for harnessing technology as a catalyst for growth and development.

The story of Africa’s technological renaissance is one of resilience and staunch determination. From tech hubs in Lagos to startups in Nairobi, Africa’s tech ecosystem is fast expanding. The continent, meanwhile, still faces considerable challenges.

Access to basic infrastructure, funding, and skills shortages are hurdles that must be overcome, and The Global Tech Africa conference seeks to address these challenges head-on.

GTA is an ambitious initiative that brings together a diverse array of stakeholders, including government officials, entrepreneurs, investors, and educators with the overarching goal of delivering life-changing innovation and spreading it continent-wide.

The conference, which is scheduled to begin from the 16th to 19th November, will bring more than 35 countries together, including 10,000+ participants with more than 60 exhibits at the event.

Africa’s brightest tech-savvy starlets will be in attendance, where they will have the opportunity to gain investment and tailored guidance from experts across finance, technology, and bureaucracy.

In Nigeria and Kenya, there are already  innovation centres that serve as breeding grounds for technological advancement, fostering cultures of creativity and entrepreneurship. Several such initiatives are partnered and overseen by global behemoths like Google, The World Bank, and Meta, among others.

GTA 2023 intends to leverage both local and international investors to ensure that funding is available for promising startups and tech companies. The prospect of economic growth in several African countries is absolutely huge, and developing regions may receive a historic boost.

Focusing on upskilling and paving the way for the next generation to lead the tech ecosystem, the project will offer STEM education and vocational training, ensuring that Africa’s young talents have the skills to succeed in the digital age.

Previous efforts have been made by various governments towards the growth of STEM education among the young population, yet girls from rural and peri-urban areas have been largely excluded from such opportunities.

Also, despite the fact 22% of African graduates already have a base in STEM, more than half reportedly end up in unrelated jobs due to a distinct lack of opportunity. It goes without saying, that this needs changing.

Through collaborating with African governments, GTA plans to advocate for policies that promote tech-friendly environments for anyone who wishes to ply such a trade. This includes tax incentives, streamlined regulations, and support for intellectual property rights, all of which can meaningfully fuel the growth of tech businesses.

While western nations are largely focused on their own economies, there is an acceptance that Africa will rely on regional integration. This means that African countries must form partnerships, for both the exchange of knowledge and resources in order to bring everyone up to scratch.

Several prominent African tech giants and thought leaders have already pledged their support, underscoring the level of expectation for the conference. Finally recognizing a decade of untapped potential, international corporations will also be on the lookout for people and ideas.

With GTA’s ambitious goals and the commitment of key stakeholders, it has the potential to revolutionize the way Africa approaches technology. Africa’s growth story is not only about overcoming challenges – such as those created by socio-economic strife or climate change – but also about embracing opportunities that tech can bring.

While many believe that COP28 is already unfit for purpose, the GTA conference holds real, genuine promise of propelling Africa and its remarkable potential into the global tech arena.