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Stella McCartney’s latest collection puts people and planet first

The designer’s latest sustainable, vegan activewear collection is made from recycled plastic, an ode to the next generation’s environmentally and socially conscious youth.

‘I am continuously inspired by the world around us, and the people within it who are taking a stand for their communities and planet,’ says Stella McCartney on her latest collaboration with Adidas titled FuturePlayground.

Released last Friday, it’s a two-part collection described as combining streetwear’s ever-more expressive aesthetic with modern sports silhouettes, elevated by clashing prints.

Far more than just fun patterns and shapes however, FuturePlayground is an ode to the next generation’s environmentally and socially conscious youth.

For the first time ever, the entire creative campaign has been fronted by a group of empowering female creators, directors, and activists from across the globe, united in their mission to inspire and reshape the world as we know it.

Trusting in the importance of presenting young people with opportunities that allow them to share their own visions in 2021, those chosen by Stella to bring the campaign to life are, according to her, incredibly diverse in both their backgrounds and their beliefs.

Involved in the project are Yuri Hibon, who advocates for organic and sustainable farming, Georgia Moot, a proactive voice for mental health and BIPOC communities, and archer Ren Hayakawa, who won a bronze medal at the 2012 Olympic Games (to name a few).

Each creator has their own unique goals, influences, and passions, but the campaign brings them together with sustainability as the primary focus.

‘I love seeing how each individual is working to protect the planet or their community in their own way,’ she says. ‘And how they’ve each captured the collection in settings that celebrate their environment – serving as another reminder as to why it’s so important we strive to protect it.’

Additionally, as with everything Stella McCartney produces, sustainability is central to each piece. Infamous for her eco-friendly fashion lines, McCartney is spearheading the industry-wide push for more conscious consumerism and FuturePlayground is no exception.

A passionate nature lover and big believer in change, the designer is dedicated to making a difference within an industry renowned for its contribution to our current climate crisis.

Setting the bar high with her pioneering work on sustainable fashion, McCartney has long rejected the use of furs and leather in her clothing lines, advocated for less waste, and incorporated plant-based materials into many of her designs.

Now, she’s taking her commitment to eco-fashion a step further by launching an entire collection made out of plastic upcycled from ocean waste, using the latest material technologies to ensure ‘it doesn’t fall short on style.’

Blending style, function, and environmental responsibility, McCartney is successfully using her fashion platform to do more than just create pretty pieces that’ll inevitably fly off the shelves.

Her designs, which are as much covetable as they are fashion-forward in concept, are intended to raise awareness that what we buy shouldn’t harm the planet.

The rest of the industry should take note.


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