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How is the beauty industry prioritising transparency online?

As the industry continues exploring digital spaces, community-centric platforms that allow the vetting of cosmetics and skincare products in real time are proving the most popular.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but online consumer engagement has become a top priority for the beauty industry.

Anyone who’s been paying attention over the last decade or so will have noticed many leading beauty brands rapidly shift their focus onto online platforms, re-imagining their consumer experiences with the digital world in mind.

Most are keen to test out new, immersive tech, with some even going so far as to dip their toes in the Metaverse in order to keep Gen Z consumers engaged.

Some examples of these digital innovations include artificial intelligence, deep learning, and augmented reality. All are on course to transform how we interact with cosmetics, perfume, and our skincare routines.

However, while brands evolve and change to keep up, company transparency remains as vital as ever.

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Creative marketing strategies aside, consumers are now more conscious about sourcing, ethics, and sustainability. Most will likely be deterred by a lack of clarity on how a company operates and will need assurance that what they’re buying into aligns with their own personal values.

How can this openness be prioritised in a space that is ever-changing, hyper competitive, and solely online? Especially in an age of misinformation and data overload?

Jenny Qian is the founder and CEO of NEWNESS, a community-centric platform designed exclusively for the beauty obsessed that encourages conversation on company practices and sustainable sourcing. She believes her platform can provide the solution.

‘NEWNESS is an ongoing conversation about beauty and that conversation is open to everyone – like watching a movie versus facetiming your friends,’ she explains.

‘It helps with authenticity because if your community is supporting you, it would be terrible to promote products that you don’t necessarily love. It deepens that trust.’

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Think of NEWNESS as a more inclusive version of Twitch, where gaming and beauty are combined and celebrated. It offers a safe and welcoming environment for consumers, content creators, and businesses to interact via live-streaming. Users can fully engage with makeup tutorials, GRWMS, unboxings, and reviews in real time.

NEWNESS seeks to create authentic conversations between brands and their buyers, encouraging transparency and community growth.

‘Everyone on NEWNESS is a beauty enthusiast! So you really feel like you’re connecting with so many people like you,’ @uncovertheglow tells Dazed.

‘You can nerd out on products, ingredients, the latest brands you’ve tried. It’s a more niche audience than other video platforms, which gives it a stronger community feel. I also love that there’s feedback in the chat.’

And with no hiding behind misleading filters or polished edits, NEWNESS guarantees that beauty’s leap into the online world isn’t simply yet another industry bid to make sales.

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This is supported by its ‘Crystals’ feature. By watching a live-stream or hitting the follow button, users can earn and subsequently exchange Crystals for full-sized products, limited edition prizes, and more. They can also gift them to each other.

It’s a revenue source that steers clear of sponsored content and is more supportive of the community-centric ethos that NEWNESS prides itself on.

‘I really like gifting because it’s an opportunity for the community to send love to their favourite content creators,’ finishes Qian.

‘NEWNESS encourages good behaviour and allows users to feel that their account has value.’

‘This is what the gamification of beauty needs to succeed.’