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Bleach London unveils plastic-free hair dye

The already-environmentally conscious brand has just launched the world’s first plastic-free hair dye, a monumental step towards the future of a wholly sustainable personal care industry.

A favourite among those of us obsessed with changing our hair colour as frequently as the TikTok trends encouraging us to do so seem to come and go, BLEACH is the OG of vibrant dyes.

What started as a single salon in East London touted the ‘coolest in the city,’ it wasn’t long before founder Alex Brownsell felt compelled to create her own range of at-home tints and treatments to help satiate the endless appetite for kaleidoscopic locks and thus, Bleach London was born.

Designed and formulated with sustainability at its core, the hair dye brand prides itself on being 100% vegan and cruelty-free. It’s also seriously environmentally ethical given you can recycle all its cardboard packaging. Not to mention the ‘build your own’ palettes that aim to minimise product waste by encouraging you to stick with the shades you actually want (because let’s be real, we all have that one random pigment lying around we literally never use).

One thing is clear: caring for our planet has always been one of the central tenets of this brand’s ethos, alongside DIY aesthetics and pastel rainbow dye jobs that is. It’s even gone as far as to introduce shampoo and conditioner refill stations at salons around London, a rather revolutionary means of cutting down on single-use plastic I might add.

And now, just when you didn’t think it could get any better, it most certainly can. Bleach London has announced a brand-new plastic-free option to one of its signature ranges.

As of this week, the Rosé Shampoo Bar has joined the Rosé family. Zero waste and completely plastic-free, it’s the first of its kind and a sure-fire way of getting that pink tone you’ve been dreaming of since seeing Ladybird, without any negative climate change-related consequences.

‘We have wanted to develop a plastic-free formula at Bleach for some time, so we’re very excited,’ says Brownsell. ‘It’s our mission to create a spectrum of hair products for people to experiment with at home, but it’s also our goal to continue improving our environmental impact. This is a new option for our most popular pink, with zero plastic.’

When it comes to sustainability, this shampoo bar is, quite frankly, raising the bar. I must say, though it’s been hard enough resisting temptation to dye my hair during the many lockdown-imposed breakdowns I’ve had in recent months – it’s looking like I don’t really have any excuse put it off any longer. Good thing it lathers on an off in a couple of washes eh?