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Beauty takes a stand against anti-abortion laws

Over 60 brands have signed a joint statement in support of reproductive rights. Called ‘Don’t Ban Equality,’ the initiative seeks to show corporate solidarity with womxn’s health.

Earlier this month, a Supreme Court document indicating the abolition of the Roe V Wade bill was leaked to the public.

For almost fifty years, it has ensured that American womxn have had a right to abortion without government interference.

The draft opinion, however, showed that a right-leaning majority is prepared to overturn the landmark ruling.

If this goes ahead, the procedure will become punishable by law in at least twenty states, preventing citizens with wombs from being able to access it safely and hygienically, which can lead to serious illness or even death.

You can read more about the ongoing debate surrounding this matter and its potential repercussions here.

But while we wait for a final decision, let’s take a look at how the hugely influential beauty industry – which sells primarily to womxn – has responded amid all the tension.

For starters, several companies have used their social media platforms to take a stance, announce a donation, direct their community to resources, or some a combination of the three.

Among them is Benefit, Elf Cosmetics, and Goop.

Unfortunately, this kind of support can only do so much. And for a sector that’s worth upwards of $500bn, raising awareness alone is somewhat inadequate in the face of an issue as grave as this one.

That’s why recent news of beauty’s involvement with a coalition dedicated to bringing about tangible action is so welcome.

On Wednesday, it was reported that over 60 brands (from Fenty to Glossier) have signed on as partners of Don’t Ban Equality, which was formed in 2019 and is backed by non-profits including Planned Parenthood.

By joining forces with the largest network of businesses advocating reproductive rights, they are showing corporate solidarity with womxn’s health and standing together against policies that limit people’s independence and bodily autonomy.

‘Restrictions on reproductive rights hinder our workers in and out of the workplace and negatively affect our efforts to promote equality and diversity at our companies,’ reads the statement.

‘We believe in protecting the well-being of all of the people who keep our companies and communities thriving, day in and out. We also believe everyone should have access to the comprehensive reproductive health care they need, including abortion.’

With 80% of the US public in favour of legal abortion, it is indeed crucial for industries with substantial authority to engage in conversation.

To take things a step further, brands could also consider following in the footsteps of The Body Shop, which is currently offering paid time off for employees who need space for self-care or who wish to attend local protests.

‘With the impending decision of the Supreme Court set to impact reproductive rights, it was imperative for us to pledge our support for Don’t Ban Equality,’ says Kara Brothers of Starface.

‘Young people are a huge part of our demographic, and we are committed to creating a world where everyone feels safe and supported to make decisions surrounding their reproductive health.’


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