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Quorn launches Instagram initiative to combat food waste crisis

With the UK facing new restrictions, Quorn has announced it’ll turn a blind eye to meat consumption this festive season if it means saving pubs and restaurants from a food waste crisis.

Over the weekend, meatless super-protein creator Quorn announced via Instagram that it will be supporting the hospitality industry due to tougher Covid-19 restrictions, despite the fact this may mean people ‘buy more meat’ during the festive season.

This follows the UK government’s announcement on Saturday that London and all South-Eastern regions of the country were to enter Tier 4, the highest level of preventative measures taken to ensure a new strain of Coronavirus cannot spread more than it already has.

With all restaurants, hotels, and pubs closed until further notice as a result, this could prove fatal for the hospitality sector. Particularly given that the declaration of these new rules was largely entirely unexpected, coming into force just four days before Christmas and leaving venues teeming with festive food stock without a soul to feed.

Here to save the day, Quorn is now calling for pubs, restaurants and hotel chains struggling with excess food to nominate themselves on their Instagram so that members of the public know where to find the eateries that are struggling the most.

The veggie pioneers have put their own launch for Veganuary on the back burner, choosing to draw attention to the wider problem of food waste instead of ‘broadcasting their own promotions.’

‘Pubs, restaurants and their suppliers received little to no warning, putting livelihoods at risk and thousands of tons of food potentially to waste,’ said Quorn in an Instagram post on the matter. ‘Let’s stand together during this difficult time.’

A Wraps 2017 study found that in the UK alone, up to 270,000 tonnes of food is wasted over the festive season annually. These numbers are expected to grow tenfold this year as pubs and restaurants have been given the untimely news they cannot fully function until the R rate drops.

These new restrictions still allow pubs and restaurants to deliver takeaways, and Quorn’s Instagram initiative is helping bring awareness to businesses that have food going spare. Since its announcement, it’s been keeping followers updated on where they can go to get takeaway food in their area.

‘As a brand fiercely dedicated to helping the planet, we are committed to helping businesses sell on their food,’ said CEO of Quorn Marco Bertacca. ‘To both prevent food from going to waste and support hospitality at a time when they need it the most.’

As the UK gears up to face its biggest challenge yet in the form of this new, concerning strain, we can only hope that other companies take it upon themselves to start raising awareness for businesses being hit the hardest by Covid restrictions. Here’s hoping they do.