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Concept animation for ‘nuclear powered sky hotel’ goes viral

Fancy a trip to the skies for three years? Want to dip into a luxury pool above the clouds? Well, you can’t just yet, but this new viral animation concept imagines the possibilities.

Have you ever found yourself cruising on a luxury ferry or yacht, yearning to be high above the clouds instead of surrounded by ocean? When you board an overseas flight, do you wish you could capture the magic and drag it out for an extended twelve months?

All of those desires could become reality in the distant future. A new concept animation by Hashem Al-Ghaili attempts to show what such a vehicle could look like, and is based on an eleven year old design by Tony Holmsten.

Called the Sky Cruise, this giant plane and hotel hybrid would run on nuclear power and would supposedly hold 5000 people. It has a ton of notable features, including built-in swimming pools, shopping centres, meeting rooms, hotel suites, and even a giant viewing deck on its rear.

The full video feature piece for the Sky Cruise details twenty electric engines with a nuclear reactor providing ‘unlimited energy’ that would allow the plane to remain airborne for years. It would also theoretically allow the entire vessel to be carbon neutral.

New passengers and crew can be swapped out via an upper roof section and an AI programme can predict turbulence and steer the plane accordingly. There’s even a medical suite and health technology available in case anyone has a sudden emergency. Impressive, eh?

It should be stressed that this is not an actual product or proposed vehicle to seriously be made, at least not with our current technology.

Reactions have largely been mixed. While some are enjoying the playful, imaginative concept, others are pointing out key fundamental flaws in its design and plausibility. A few have also alluded to past vehicular disasters, including the Titanic.

The original idea was simply a concept illustration, and didn’t necessarily account for aerodynamics. It’s unlikely you’d be able to fly a vessel of that size without some seriously massive wings, much larger than the ones shown in the animated video.

Maintenance would also be insanely costly and require a small army of staff. Imagine the amount of effort it takes to keep one hotel running smoothly that houses, say, 200 guests. Now magnify that effort by almost thirty times.

Any kind of Sky Cruise type plane will no doubt be exclusive to those who can actually afford it, making it a play thing for the rich. It becomes a lot less fun when considered in this context.

Still, it’s cool to think of the possibilities, right?

The actual, real world space race has been heating up considerably over the last decade as it is, and we could no doubt eventually see something of this nature become fully realised.

Don’t be surprised if you one day see Elon Musk on one of these giant things. We’ve already a space-based film studio on the way, after all, as well as a space hotel.

For now, we’ve this animated video to mull over. Would you give one of these a try if they were real? You’d better mark out a good few years off your schedule if you’ve a hope of chilling on the Sky Cruise.


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