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KSI and Logan Paul announce new business venture ‘Prime’

YouTubers, boxers, and all-round celebrities KSI and Logan Paul have announced a new energy drink brand called ‘Prime’, further pushing the monetary boundaries of Gen Z self-made entrepreneurs.

If you’d told the average YouTube fan in 2018 that KSI and Logan Paul would eventually go on to create their own joint energy drink project, you’d have likely been laughed out of the room.

Fast forward to 2022, however, and that once outlandish fantasy has become reality. Announced January 4th, the two YouTubers have officially begun to roll out ‘PRIME’, a new low calorie energy drink that will be available in the US first before eventually expanding to Europe.

In an Instagram statement, Logan said the new venture was a ‘showcase of what happens when rivals come together as brothers and business partners’, and that the two had been ‘working to formulate a product from scratch’ over the past year. Who’d have thought these two would be collaborating in this way, eh?


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While it’s obviously great news for the YouTube community, and online creatives in general, this project also serves as an example of where branding is headed as we move further into a digital-only, independent content focused world.

YouTubers are no longer confined by a single platform. KSI himself has had chart-topping albums and singles with a huge range of artists, Logan has fought Floyd Mayweather of all people, and now we’re seeing more creators tap into other markets including food, retail, and energy drinks.

KSI’s main YouTube group, The Sidemen, are a great example of this expansion into areas outside of just video. All seven creators involved have their own channels, but are also part of Sidemen branded clothes, vodka, food deliveries, and they even have their own premium content platform Side Plus.

Mr Beast, meanwhile, has his own food company called ‘Mr Beast Burger’, and a variety of other branded ventures that have helped boost his profile and raise funds for his insanely expensive videos. His recent Squid Games recreation cost over $20 million USD, for example.

It’s never been more obvious that there is serious money to be made in online content without a need for major industry backing from traditional television – if you play your cards right.

Logan and KSI’s new drink, fully titled ‘Prime Hydration’, is 10% coconut water and will be available in five flavours. These include grape, orange, lemon-lime, blue-raspberry, and tropical punch.

While there’s no word on pricing yet, you should probably expect it to retail at a similar cost to other brands such as Lucozade or Red Bull – the pair will need to get people on board from the get-go, after all.

If this is successful, it’s likely we’ll see more creators and influencers try to chime into the food market, particularly as it’s largely open to anyone. Merchandise has been a money-making staple for many years, but now it seems clear that many other income avenues are possible.


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The audience is large enough and older compared to the early 2010s, with more disposable income and greater buying power. If anything, ‘Prime’ is a good indication of where the top creators are headed.

Perhaps soon we’ll be dining at a PewDiePie restaurant. We’ll have to wait and see.


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