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DrawFor launches new partnership with Papyrus

DrawFor has begun campaigning for mental health support and suicide prevention, teaming up with UK charity Papyrus to raise cash for national helplines.

If you haven’t heard of DrawFor, a new organisation that raises money for charity through selling original artwork, then now’s the perfect time to get involved.

We wrote about the initiative a few months back when it first launched in early May. Artists can submit pieces to be sold on the DrawFor website in A1, A2, or A3 sizes, and all profits are equally split between the creator and a select charity. DrawFor has already collaborated with NHS Charities Together and Stand Up To Racism UK, and it’s now launching a third campaign, with Papyrus, called #DrawForYoungLives.

Papyrus is a UK based charity that offers support and advice to young people struggling with suicidal thoughts. It runs training programmes that are used by councils, professionals, and school staff around the country. Papyrus is also a member of government advisory groups in both England and Wales for suicide prevention matters and has a helpline called HOPELINEUK. In short, it does a lot of good for extremely vulnerable people; given that suicide is the number one killer of those younger than 35, its resources are vital.

All the money raised through DrawFor’s latest release of new artwork will be going to both the artists themselves and Papyrus, specifically to help fund and expand its HOPELINEUK service.

Each piece explore themes of mental health and depression while adopting its own unique style and aesthetic. Some are abstract and surreal, while others use collages and typography to create works that wouldn’t look out of place on a living room wall.

Each work starts at £25 and is printed on 100% recycled paper. All orders can be shipped worldwide and you can follow DrawFor on Instagram or Twitter to keep up with its latest campaigns.