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What is ‘Project 2025’ and will it ever see daylight?

A think tank called the Heritage Foundation is urging Trump to make the US a Christian nationalist state, should he get a second term in charge. Liberals are laughing and the former president is emphatically distancing himself.

Imagine a ‘Land of the Free’ where watching porn is enough to land citizens in jail.

That is a future the Heritage Foundation, a major US think tank, is hoping to secure by as early as next year.

The fundamentalist Christian outfit has outlined its 922-page manifesto, dubbed ‘Project 2025’, to transform the US into a Christian nationalist state spearheaded by Trump, should he have them or even secure a second term as president.

Comprised of 38 authors – 31 of which reportedly have a history of working under the previous Trump administration – the plot lays out the ‘red brick’ road to a Christian utopia in under 180 days.

Chief among the theoretical stipulations is the outlawing of same-sex marriage and adoption, as well as forcing unwanted pregnancies to term by tearing up the Affordable Care Act. We’ve touched on the porn thing already – not like that.

The removal of 50,000 government workers is mandated, including a full-scale wipe out of the departments of education and justice to make room for hordes of Trump loyalists.

There’s also the proposed axing of all climate change reform established under rival Biden, because presiding over the fate of the planet is reserved for celestial beings only. Trump would surely love this too: ‘You ruin my oil leases, I scrap your renewables!’

‘If we are going to rescue the country from the grip of the radical left,’ the authors write, ‘we need both a governing agenda and the right people in place, ready to carry this agenda out on day one of the next conservative administration.’

That canny bunch includes Trump’s former director of the ‘Office of Management and Budget’ Russ Vought, ex White House advisor Stephen Miller, former Trump administration official Paul Dans, and Gene Hamilton, a close aide to Trump’s attorney-general Jeff Sessions.

Despite Trump and the project seemingly having more links than a scooby chain, the Republican leader is pleading the fifth and maintaining he had zero prior knowledge of its existence.

‘I have no idea who is behind it,’ the 78-year-old said on social media. ‘I disagree with some of the things they’re saying and some of the things they’re saying are absolutely ridiculous and abysmal.’

Despite these firm assertions, the Democrats have understandably latched onto these developments and weaponised just about every detail possible. You can’t blame them either. On paper, it’s an absolute doozy.

‘He’s trying to hide his connections to his allies’ extreme Project 2025 agenda,’ Biden declared in a campaign statement over the weekend. ‘The only problem? It was written for him, by those closest to him.’

The Heritage Foundation, meanwhile, is pushing the narrative that Project 2025 has never had a theoretical captain in mind, despite its decade-long history of close collaboration with Trump – and the worst kept secret that Trump would be the Conservative candidate for Presidency in 2024.

Of 334 recommendations made in the foundation’s ‘Mandate for Leadership’ manifesto in 2016, the Trump administration reportedly adopted ‘64 percent of the policy prescriptions.’ Suffice to say, whether or not the links are credible this time around, the Democrats are having a field day with their propaganda.

Knowing the truth unequivocally is the ideal end game here, but we’re enjoying the squabbling and petty memes from both sides in the meantime.