The Prince’s Trust helps Gen Z in a tough job market

In an extremely tough year, young people are letting their voices be heard through organisations such as The Prince’s Trust, expressing how they’re feeling about the pandemic, their careers, and mental health.

In January 2021, The Prince’s Trust conducted their Youth Index, which surveyed over 2,000 Gen Z (16-25) across the UK.

The report revealed 60% of Gen Z say that getting a new job feels ‘impossible now’ because there is so much competition. A quarter (24%) claim that the pandemic has ‘destroyed’ their career aspirations.

In March 2021, The Prince’s Trust and Learning and Work Institute produced a report in support with HSBC UK that suggests youth unemployment will remain high even once the economy recovers.

The economic cost of youth unemployment, in terms of lost national output, is forecast to rise to £6.9 billion in 2022. The long-running scarring cost to young people entering the labour market in 2021, in terms of lost earnings and damage to employment prospects, is forecast to be £14.4 billion over the next seven years.

Gen Z state that they are more likely to feel anxious now than at any other time since the Youth Index was first launched over a decade ago.

The good news is there is so much support available if you’re in need. The Prince’s Trust has really stepped up during this troubling time, helping young people all over the UK build their confidence, championing them every step of the way into jobs, education, and training.

The charity supports 11- to 30-year-olds who are unemployed or struggling at school and at risk of exclusion.

Many of those helped by the trust’s youth support workers have been in care. They face issues including homelessness and mental illness, with many being caught up with the law.

The courses offered by the trust give the necessary practical and financial support to stabilise lives, as well as develop self-esteem and employable skills.

Christine McClune, the Marketing and Communications Manager (NI) for The Prince’s Trust notes that ‘young people need us now more than ever.’

‘Rising unemployment, a shrinking jobs market and ongoing disruption to training and education opportunities is having a potentially devastating impact on young lives. The Trust will always be there across the UK, giving a lifeline to overcome even the toughest barriers.

The Trust also works in partnership with employers across the UK to connect young people with opportunities to upskill, reskill and apply for live job vacancies.

Please remember that although things may feel tough right now wonderful organisations like the Prince’s Trust are here to help build confidence, skills, and take the first step towards finding a job or starting a business.

Find out more by visiting the official Support Hub.


This article was originally written by Aimee Braniff. ‘Hi, I’m Aimee, I recently graduated from a Master’s in English Literature at Ulster University. I am passionate about literature, feminism, mental health, and sustainability.’ View her LinkedIn and Instagram.


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