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Stormzy expands Cambridge scholarships for Black students

The rapper has secured a three year partnership with HSBC to boost the existing funding provided by his charity, #Merky Foundation.

The Stormzy Scholarship began in 2018 and has offered financial support for two UK-based Black students a year. To date, six students have received funding through the program.

Stormzy has previously self-funded their education, aiming to address the cultural and racial inequality of students completing courses at one of the world’s top universities.

In light of a new partnership with HSBC worth £2million, the scholarship will be expanded to cover tuition and living costs for thirty black students over the next three years.

Ten Black or mixed-race heritage students will receive £20,000 each year, an amount that will continue throughout the duration of their undergraduate courses.

Announcing the growth of the program, Stormzy said, ‘for 30 more black students to have the opportunity to study at Cambridge – the same year our initial 2018 scholars graduate – feels like an incredible milestone.’

This summer, the first two recipients of the scholarship program graduated with a high 2:1 and 2:1.

The Senior pro-vice-chancellor of Cambridge University highlighted a 50 percent increase in the number of Black students applying and being accepted to study at the institution following the announcement of Stormzy’s scheme four years ago.

In 2019, Cambridge reported that 26.8% of its undergraduate students were from Black, Asian, or minority ethnic groups from the UK. This significant increase is being called the ‘Stormzy effect’.

In a statement, Stormzy told the BBC, ‘I hope this continues to serve as a small reminder to young Black students that the opportunity to study at one of the best universities in the world is theirs for the taking.’

It’s incredible to see celebrities use their platform and financial privilege to support causes that they are passionate about – even more so when it sparks a chain reaction for more social change.

From Marcus Rashford’s school lunch programs to Stormzy’s scholarships, it looks like some of Britain’s biggest stars are on a mission to challenge inequality within the system – even if it requires opening their own wallets.

Let’s hope this trend continues to set an example for more in their position, it’s certainly worth it.


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