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‘Insulate Britain’ protesters to suspend disruptive campaigning

The group has been protesting on major roadways for a total of two weeks. Hundreds have been arrested, with angry exchanges between activists and drivers happening frequently.

Activists campaigning for Britain to be fully insulated by 2030 have been blocking off major roads on the M1 and M25 regularly over the last month.

The motivation for blocking off these important areas of travel is to shed light on the amount of carbon the UK emits each year from its homes – a total of 40 percent of its emissions.

Its intention is also to urge the government to change current policies in order to meet emission reduction targets by heating Britain’s homes in a greener way.

The group has written an open letter to the UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson, announcing that it will be halting its ‘campaign of civil resistance’ for the next ten days. It also acknowledges the immense disruption it has caused in recent weeks.

Attempts to deliver the message directly to No.10 were blocked, so the group has said it will be mailed.


Throughout the campaign, thousands of people who use motorways around London to commute to and from work have had their journey halted by traffic built up over the course of several hours.

This has led to the government taking out court injunctions to prevent further action. Possible future actions to target these specific types of protests have also been announced.

At Thred, we fully support campaigning for a great cause (check out this video of our day out at Fridays for Future for example), but disrupting major roadways and the livelihoods of people who are unable to enforce policy directly is not a good look.

As a result, major fed-up motorists have exited their vehicles to express their frustration with being stuck in traffic for a number of hours.


The UK’s transport Secretary Grant Shapps urged ‘Insulate Britain’ to cease their campaign.

He tweeted: ‘sitting on roads & preventing everyone else from going about their lawful business is downright dangerous & counterproductive. Rather than apologising to the motorist now and returning in a week & a half, they must call off their reckless campaign forever.’

The group has threatened to restart its campaign if significant developments and ‘trustworthy statements’ aren’t made towards implementing greener insulation in the UK at COP26.

In addition, Insulate Britain has threatened that without a response from Downing Street, they would not hesitate to continue ‘blocking roads, blocking motorways and breaking court injunctions.’

While the activist group has definitely gotten their point across, we hope for the sake of everyone living and working on the outskirts of London that the government does their job by responding to these demands.

After all, everybody’s got things to do.


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