Sahil Pradhan

Remote Writer Bhubaneswar, India

I’m Sahil (they/them), a remote writer at Thred and a youth journalist at Youth Ki Awaaz. Born inside a farrago of cultures and brought up in India, there is little I am not interested in that revolves around and affects social change. My goal at Thred is to voice and connect these thoughts to create a better future.

Fat, neuro-diverse, and queer would be the foremost words I would use to describe myself. Apart from being a student who just graduated high school, I am a fellow at Global Citizen Year Academy, Young Leaders for Active Citizenship (Young Researchers for Social Impact ’22 and Counter Speech Fellow ’21), Civics Unplugged (Civics Innovator Fellowship ’22), and One Future Collective (One Future Fellow ’23).

When I am not working on creating solution-based news for school kids in my role as Outreach Manager at Via News Didi, you can find me writing articles for Thred Media as a remote writer or at YKA as an alumnus of the Justice-Makers WTP ’22, watching movies and dramas, listening to K-Pop, or procrastinating.

If you would like to send me feedback, you can contact me via email.

Latest Stories from Sahil

Opinion – The Elephant Whisperer is necessary and urgent

Opinion – The Elephant Whisperer is necessary and urgent

Netflix’s latest nature documentary follows the story of Raghu, an elephant in India. It highlights problems within our conservation efforts and the important of nurturing our natural world. Each time we visit my maternal grandparent's house in Talcher, we pass through the districts of Dhenkanal, down the road that connects the district of Cuttack to the district of Angul in Odisha. Passing through, amongst the many visits that we do...

By Bhubaneswar, India