Julie Luebken

Writer The Hague, Netherlands

I’m Julie, currently doing my Masters in International Relations and Diplomacy in the Hague. I enjoy exploring a variety of political topics including anything to do with technology. I’m always curious about how digital spaces are changing and how they shape our interaction with the world around us. Follow me on LinkedIn!

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Facebook expands into the metaverse with rebrand

Facebook expands into the metaverse with rebrand

Facebook has great ambitions for the future of our interaction with technology. Should we be scared or excited? The metaverse, Facebook’s new long-term project, is already in full swing with plans to create over 10 000 jobs in Europe alone. But what is the metaverse exactly? The company describes it as a place ‘where people will be able to lead their social and professional lives online’, using virtual reality headsets...

By The Hague, Netherlands