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Corona’s sustainable island pushes the meaning of eco-tourism

Registration is now open for a full-blown ‘Corona Island’ retreat launching next year off the coast of Colombia. It is entirely plastic free, focuses on reconnecting with nature, and holds sustainability as a core value.

Okay, so we’ll try our best not to make this article read like PR, but this retreat just so happens to combine three of our favourite things: sun, sustainability, and last but not least, beer.

Off the coast of Colombia sits ‘Corona Island,’ a plush, green mini oasis spanning roughly two miles from end to end. Intended to open as an eco-tourist hotspot for 2023, the project was forged by suds giant Corona and non-profit Oceanic Global.

The beer company is incredibly proud to be the first with a net-zero plastic footprint, and it wanted its island experience to reflect these values. With numerous studies pointing to growing ecological considerations among vacationers, Corona is striking while the iron is hot.

If the name of the island doesn’t instantly scream luxury to you – a bit like Lego Land – then fair enough. But, the reality of what the place has to offer is incredibly special. Corona has become pretty much synonymous with summertime at this point, after all.

Billed by early visitors (mostly journalists, don’t get mad) as a wellness retreat, there has been a conscious effort to ensure that no part of the experience comes at the expense of the land’s natural habitats.

Expect to be harassed by exotic birds at breakfast, and watch out for baby turtles on the white sands after a skin-full of Corona. In terms of lodging, 10 beautifully constructed topical wood structures are able to accommodate 20 people at a time, meaning the island will never be overrun with party goers or screaming children.

Out back, a private deck overlooks the ocean, each is fitted with a hot tub, and if the air conditioning doesn’t provide enough respite from the heat, there’s outdoor canopy showers too. Your insta could have frankly sickening levels of FOMO.

Corona Island | Beer Brand Corona and experts shape this immersive guest experience |
Credit: Daniel Rondon

If that isn’t overkill enough, the island’s food menu has been created by MasterChef’s own Christopher Carpentier, and utilises ingredients that are locally sourced and readily available to the island.

Vegan and veggie options are said to be very plentiful, which is a rarity when travelling somewhere so remote, and as previously mentioned there is no plastic anywhere.

When up and about, excursions available on the island have been developed closely with Oceanic Global to promote sustainability or feeling present within nature.

Yoga is available in various forms, there are hotspots for watching sunrises and stargazing, and guests can help to regenerate delicate ecosystems like coral reefs and mangroves.

Fancy a trip to an all-new island in the Caribbean? Here's your chance
Credit: Daniel Rondon

The classics; like base diving, kayaking, and snorkelling are also listed on the site – though good luck finding a sustainable lilo.

‘We are celebrating the majesty and beauty of the outdoors by getting guests engaged in protecting paradise,’ said Felipe Ambra, global vice-president for Corona.

Encouraging guests to connect with the natural world through real world experiences is certainly an enticing USP, and one that Corona would stand to profit from big time.

A 2016 research paper from Sustainable Travel International and Mandala Research showed that eco-tourists generally tend to stay longer and spend more if a holiday broker considers its impact on the planet.

Corona didn’t become the most financially valuable beer brand on the planet by accident, and Corona Island could be one of its shrewdest moves yet.

Visit the registration page here, and good luck.


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