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Everything you need to know about International Youth Day

Established in 1999, International Youth Day occurs every year on August 12. Here’s everything you need to know, including this year’s theme and the rundown on which online webinars to look out for.

Friday August 12 is International Youth Day, an annual event designated by the United Nations to bring attention to cultural and legal issues related to young people such as mental health, the climate crisis, education, safe spaces, and much more.

Each year a new theme is introduced and focused on for the duration of the event. 2022’s chosen subject is ‘intergenerational solidarity’ with an emphasis on ‘leveraging the full potential of all generations’ through co-operative understanding.

Ageism is a core aspect of this year’s event. The official UN information page states that discrimination based on age – both young and old – ‘continues to present a significant challenge to fostering collaboration’.

The argument by the UN is that all of us need to work as a single entity to reach our Sustainable Development Goals. It points to the Global Report on Ageism from March 2021 and its findings that young people still face barriers into employment and political participation as a result of their age.

An official webinar was held on August 10 to discuss various perspectives and views on the topic of international solidarity to mark the event. You can watch the full session below.

Many types of events take place around the world on an independent basis to mark the occasion, whether it be symposiums, concerts, group discussion meetings, or anything else.

You’ll need to research your own area if you’re interested in getting stuck in, but for UK folks, you can go along to a mixed event in Northampton between 12 – 4pm at the Racecourse. Click here for more information. You can also read the Northampton Chronicle for extra news about the day.

Living across the pond? New York City is hosting the AFS Youth Assembly across the weekend, with a specially dedicated celebration of International Youth Day on the Friday. There will be a panel of moderators, a keynote speech, awards, announcements, and a ton more. Check out the official website for more information here.

For more information on past International Youth Days and their respective themes, visit the official UN website.



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