Jordan Borg

Writer London, UK

I’m Client Partner at Thred Media where I occasionally contribute content to Thred. Passionate about sustainability, plant-based living, and anything related to food, you can find my coverage of these and other topics here. Feel free to drop me a line on Twitter or via email.

Hi, there. I’m Jordan, Client Partner at Thred Media where I also contribute to Thred, and an environmental advocate. Hailing from Sacramento, California, I am also Thred’s resident Yankee – please forgive any rogue z’s.

Originally trained to be a professional musician at New York University, my career has turned out to be pleasantly unorthodox. I began working in marketing and communications shortly after graduation before bidding adieu to the United States indefinitely, moving to France in 2017, and London in 2020.

Having previously contributed content to social enterprises as a freelance writer, I am excited to continue writing about all things social change on Thred.

Latest Stories from Jordan

How Veganuary popularised veganism in the UK

How Veganuary popularised veganism in the UK

Once relegated to the ranks of Californian hippies on sunny Santa Monica beaches, veganism has now taken the world by storm and we may well have Veganuary to thank. Ah, veganism. The diet that is an all-consuming way of life to some and a complete head-scratcher for others. We all know a loveable vegetarian or two in our circle. But a vegan? They’re about as rare as a wild Mewtwo,...

By London, UK