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YouTube launches #WomenofYouTube mentorships for Shorts creators

YouTube has announced a new #WomenofYouTube mentorship program which will foster collaboration between female creators on the platform’s Shorts feature.

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, YouTube is looking ahead to the future and ways in which it can further elevate its female creator base.

At the forefront of this mission is a new #WomenofYouTube mentorship program, which will become a key pillar for the next phase of Stories.

This community-based drive is designed to ‘educate and uplift’ YouTube’s female creators by connecting them with peers for coaching, advice, and general support. The main condition – aside from the obvious – is that a creator must primarily upload to Shorts and be active.

‘Through our creator-to-creator coaching framework, seasoned Shorts creators will lend their expertise to emerging talents in our YouTube Shorts Creator Community, fostering an environment of support, camaraderie, and shared success,’ an official statement reads.

If you’re curious to see exactly who is offering up their creative know how, have a gander at the full roster here. In terms of age and demographic, it’s a fairly diverse bunch.

The already-substantial creator community is open to anyone with zero violations against their channel, so long as YouTube can see potential for growth in an applicant’s account. Exactly how that probability is to be measured will become clear once the program is up and running.

The hope is that this initiative will further close the gap between YouTube’s male and female demographics, with the data showing a current split of around 54 to 46 percent as of January 2024.

Virtue aside, YouTube is obviously plotting ways in which it can further maximise Shorts’ revenue as it goes from strength to strength. For context, the short-form, TikTok inspired feature increased from 50 billion daily views to over 70 billion in just a year.

Evidently a central focus for YouTube, Shorts now appears immediately on the homepage UI with a range of specific metrics and performance stats. Empowering female Shorts creators will no doubt send its overall engagement to new levels over the coming months.

Where Gen Z is concerned, we’re witnessing a clear paradigm shift away from traditional TV and towards social video. Even streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon, and Disney+ are struggling to compete with creator-led content.

YouTube, sat firmly in the driver’s seat, is embracing the change and continually offering up ways of keeping young consumers hooked. In all likelihood, #WomenofYouTube is sure to become yet another boon for the video giant.

If you want in on the action, apply here.