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Machine Gun Kelly drops ‘Bloody Valentine’ – Review

This new single is a departure from his typical hip hop aesthetic, one that brings guttural pop punk production reminiscent of early noughties Blink 182 albums.

You’d be forgiven for only knowing who Machine Gun Kelly is due to that Eminem diss track ‘Rap Devil’ he dropped in 2018.

He’s been on the scene a fair while and has never managed to truly permeate the mainstream in the way you might expect. Mixing punk stylistics with trap, rap, and hip-hop flavours, he’s got a sound that’s perfect for the radio, yet he remains a largely outside name, at least as far as top tier rappers are concerned.

That may change with his latest project, however, which will reportedly be an entirely pop punk album that harkens back to the early noughties guitar-led power chords of bands such as Sum 41, Green Day, and Blink 182. If this new single ‘Bloody Valentine’ is anything to go by then we may be in for a nostalgic throwback treat. Listen to the track below.

It’s a simple song that delves into well-trodden subject matter – Kelly is infatuated with someone who seems to play with his emotions and doesn’t reciprocate feelings in quite the same way. Despite the edgy exterior and emotionally charged lyricism, the track itself is a fun, bouncy pop punk anthem, its guitars satisfyingly gritty and Travis Barker’s drums feeding a breathless energy that runs all throughout. In fact, it sounds more like Blink 182 than either of the last two actual Blink 182 albums, which is bizarre.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the biggest Machine Gun Kelly fan going. Although his Eminem diss track ‘Rap Devil’ is frequently clowned on by rabid Marshall fans it was still a respectable effort and helped get his name into more hip hop discourse. Outside of that track and a handful of singles, though, I’ve never managed to truly click with Machine Gun Kelly until now. ‘Bloody Valentine’ is my favourite work he’s dropped to date, and I have high hopes that the full LP will continue along the same line of gutsy, good ol’ fashioned pop punk.

We may even get some features on here such as Neck Deep, Blink 182, or even Real Friends. All of these bands would absolutely fit with this style and bring a lot to the table. The full album is titled ‘Tickets To My Downfall’ and will come out sometime this year.

No word on when we’ll actually be able to go see these tracks live, though, thanks to the ongoing coronavirus situation. We’ll all have to make do with air guitaring in our living rooms for now.

out of 5

'Bloody Valentine' is a certified pop punk banger.

If this gritty pop punk track is anything to go by, then Machine Gun Kelly's next project may be able to recapture the spirit of the early noughties.