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TikTok’s face tape trend has been newly co-signed by a major star

Next up on the list of questionable TikTok trends is using tape to achieve a temporary face lift or to prevent the formation of wrinkles while asleep. But is it legit?

Scroll on TikTok and you’ll stumble upon beauty hacks ranging from traditional to taboo, helpful to downright dangerous, or anything from understated makeup looks, full-on glam, and everywhere in between.

For many, concealing fine lines or a poor night’s sleep means a quick fix with concealer, a swipe of a cool rose quartz roller, or using plumping serums to create a full, youthful glow.

But you may have noticed in recent weeks that tape – yes, tape – has been having a real moment within beauty and wellness content on TikTok.

While face lifts are the go-to surgery for people around middle age and older, those looking to reduce the appearance of deeper winkles and sagging skin in their late 20s and 30s are drawing on a trick that finds its roots in Old Hollywood film sets: face tape.

This contraption just got a co-sign from supermodel Bella Hadid, who told Vogue that apart from her nose job, her face remains untouched. In attempts to give her the benefit of the doubt, let’s believe those iconic, lifted fox eyes owe complete credit to sticky plastic.

Face tape is usually made from silicone, latex, or polyethylene plastic. It is frequently connected by an elastic band that wraps behind the head, pulling at the skin around the temples to lift drooping eyes, cheeks, and tightening the lower half of the face.

But while this effect might be cheap and quick to create yourself – packs of the stuff range from under £10 to higher end Korean products for around £30 – it’s worth remembering that a lifted look will only last while the tape remains in place.

That said, others are using face tape as a preventative approach to wrinkles by taping their facial muscles in place overnight. The goal is to fight lines caused by frowning and scrunching up their face while asleep, which many of us do unknowingly.

When it comes to administering beauty tape for a more lifted appearance, there’s no real harm with it unless you’re prone to skin irritation or allergic to the latex materials used in the tape.

So as long as you can be bothered to attach it every day, feel free.

Be warned, however, that dermatologists suggest aggressively pulling at the skin on your face over long periods could exaggerate and accelerate signs of aging – the exact thing beauty gurus were hoping to obscure in the first place.

It also goes without saying that going to such lengths to achieve ‘supermodel face’ does come across as a little excessive. Perhaps taking care of our skin and learning to love the reflection in the mirror is a bit more practical?


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