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Sneakers in support of female empowerment

Reebok are kicking off their ‘It’s A Man’s World’ campaign with eight, limited-edition sneakers in support of female empowerment.

Reebok have launched a new creative platform with an aim to celebrate equality, and women who are making a difference in male-dominated industries.

The new initiative features five female trailblazers and draws inspiration directly from the brand’s 2001 ad campaign ‘It’s A Woman’s World,’ which saw notable female personalities speaking up about gender and cultural stereotypes.

This updated version plans to highlight the importance of equality and remind us that it’s as relevant today as it was 20 years ago.

Involved in the project is streetwear designer and activist Jazerai Allen-Lord, blogger Sanne Poeze, public speaker Kimberly Drew, music producer Ebony Naomi Oshunrinde and illustrator Anhia Zaira Santana.

Using their platforms to promote female empowerment and breaking barriers in the world of pop culture, Jazerai says that ‘it has to start on the inside. A brand has to make a decision like Reebok did, to say we’re going to recognize the people on the ground doing the work. We’re going to be disruptive, and we don’t care.’

The collection will include a set of cult, platform classics, revamped with a new message. Three retro silhouettes – the Club C, Workout and Freestyle Hi – have been constructed in smooth chalk colourways, with the subtle ‘It’s A Man’s World,’ crossed out and imprinted on the heel tabs, a new detail referencing the campaign.

Alongside these sneakers, Reebok are also set to drop five collaborative pairs designed by Poeze, Allen-Lord, Drew, Oshunrinde and Santana, bringing their distinct stories of defying standards in their respective fields to life.

The 90s Aztrek runner, Instapump Fury, Daytona DMX, Club C and Freestyle Hi have all undergone a fresh upgrade, with bold colourways and vibrant graphics that emphasises the unique personal style of the aforementioned women.

The ¬collection will be available worldwide from September 1st at selected retailers and on Reebok’s official website, ranging from $70-95.