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London-based agency launches sustainably made edge styler

The beauty industry has become notorious for its single-use plastic problem, but one UK design agency is looking to change that with its reusable edge styling brush designed specifically for Black hair textures.

A renowned London-based design agency, Blond, has just launched the Edge Slick – an innovative hair styling tool that marries form and function with sustainability.

The beauty industry has become notorious for its contributions to single-use plastic waste. Studies have found that global hair salons generate 397kg of waste per minute, while the average British household discards 216 plastic haircare products per year.

At its core, the Edge Slick is a comb-style device designed for those looking to make their daily hairstyling routine simpler and more sustainable.

What sets it apart from beauty tools currently on the market is its completely reusable handle, which also serves as a built-in, hands-free applicator for hair gel.

But Blond’s innovation isn’t just about aesthetics, utility, and sustainability; it’s also about inclusivity. The Edge Slick emerges as a pioneer of the evolving beauty landscape, as it has been designed specifically for Ruka, a UK-based enterprise that is Black women-owned.

Ruka specialises in hair extensions and accessories, catering to diverse haircare needs that have long been underrepresented in an industry historically skewed towards Eurocentric standards.

Ruka Edge Slick

The Edge Slick’s purpose is the treatment of delicate baby hairs, also referred to as ‘edges,’ that sit along the hairline.

Its design encompasses a dual-sided, detachable comb, featuring soft bristles for swooping, shaping, and layering. The firm bristles handle the intricate task of combing and detangling delicate hairs that frame the face.

What’s particularly noteworthy about Blond’s invention is its eco-conscious nature. The Edge Slick has been engineered to be disassembled, with the comb seamlessly clipping onto an ergonomic, paddle-shaped reusable handle.

This measure ensures that when the comb reaches the end of its useful life, it can be detached and disposed of, sparing the excess of single-use plastic waste seen all too often in the beauty industry.

Recycled packaging for Edge Slick

The Edge Slick’s packaging is a testament to environmental responsibility, crafted from 100% recycled paper pulp, underscoring the endeavour to reduce the carbon footprint of this remarkable invention.

The brush comes with a practical and transparent sanitary protective case to store their clip-on brushes in, perfect for travelling and styling on the go.

This product emerges during a watershed moment in the beauty industry, not just providing a tailored solution for the unique needs of Black afro hair, but also factoring in the need to develop sustainable solutions.

As the first refillable edge styler in the market, The Edge Slick translates into a remarkable 86% reduction in plastic consumption compared to standard competitors.

In an industry that continues to be criticised for its negative environmental impact, Blond’s innovation sends the message that beauty products can coexist harmoniously with social responsibility – if companies only take the time to consider eco-friendlier options.