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Why you need to know about ClimateScience Olympiad

ClimateScience Olympiad is in search of brand new climate change solutions and is offering $10,000 USD to the best entries. Reckon you’ve got the brain power to get involved?

Fancy yourself an academic whiz kid? Do you have the answers to our pressing climate crisis questions and problems?

If you’re confident you’ve got a bright sustainability idea that needs hearing, you’ll want to check out ClimateScience Olympiad, a brand new online competition that’s giving young people new opportunities to make their inventions and concepts a reality.

Organised by the ClimateScience charity, the Olympiad will be taking place throughout 2021 and is open to all Gen Zers looking to make a difference. There are big money prizes up for grabs, networking events, and even a chance to rock up at the next United Nations Climate Summit (COP26).

Here’s our rundown of everything you need to know about the ClimateScience Olympiad, as well as some information on how to get involved. You’ll be raking in that cash and making a different before you know it.

What is ClimateScience Olympiad?

ClimateScience is an online education charity that provides young people with all the information they need on our climate crisis without the political bias or inaccessibility that you may find in the news and academic journals.

It offers a bunch of useful resources, including PowerPoint presentations, books, and even lesson plans for teachers. The charity was founded by two Gen Zers, Eric Steinberger and Isabel Key, and has a big focus on community initiatives and volunteer schemes.

Anyone can get involved, which makes it particularly appealing to teens and young adults who want to start somewhere and make a genuine impact on the climate crisis. Check out one of their recent videos explaining climate change and how it works.

One of ClimateScience’s big new community events is the Olympiad, which brings 10,000 qualifiers aged 14-25 from around the world together to research and propose new climate change solutions.

There will be a series of elimination rounds, with the final top 50 taking part in an event hosted at the United Nations Climate Summit (COP26) later this year. The eventual victors will be awarded a prize pool of $10,000 USD and you can either enter as a group or on your own.

Here’s a video from ClimateScience explaining the competition in more detail.

How does it work?

Each group or individual participant will be given one of three problem statements on sustainability and climate change. They will then be required to create a proposal and response within three hours.

Participants will be given the general topic of their proposal statements ten days in advance in order to prepare, so it won’t be a completely intense mess. No pressure, eh?

Responses will be scored by a team of judges and the top 500 advance to the semi-finals. These are hosted in October and the top 50 of these will be heading to the United Nations Climate Summit for that alluring final.

Anyone between the ages of 14 and 25 can jump in too, even if you’re still at school. All entries are handled remotely online until the finals, so you don’t even need to hop on a train – you can do it all from the comfort of your home.

Here’s a breakdown of extra details from ClimateScience if you’re in need of some further specifics.

Where can I get involved?

If all this sounds right up your street, you can sign up on the official website here. You’ll find a ‘register for a qualifier in your language’ section where you can sign up dependent on location and time zone.

As mentioned you need to be a Gen Zer but you can either participate as a group or on your own. It’s best to get researched and started early, so the quicker you get involved the better!

If participating isn’t your thing, you can even sign up to be a judge of entries. You’ll need some academic background in a range of sustainability topics, including clean energy and waste management, among others. View the full document and signup sheet here.

Registration ends on August 1st, 2021, with the last qualifiers being picked in early September. You’ve some time to think it over but those who opt for group participation and sign up now have a better shot at winning.

If you do jump in and win that grand prize, don’t forget about us, okay? We’ll be here waiting to congratulate you come the end of the year.


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