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Question – Should I prioritise values over career advancement?

Our career coach gives some advice on whether you should prioritise company values or career prospects when choosing a place of work.

Question: How important is it to work for a business that shares my values, vs. one that will advance my career? 

My take is that it’s more important to work for a business that shares your values, for three reasons:

  • It’ll be hard to maintain your motivation working for a business you are not aligned with. Motivation is a precious resource in the workplace, and you must nurture it carefully. 
  • You’ll be shaped by your workplace. You’ll inevitably absorb the values and culture of the people around you. Your networks, skills and knowledge will point you in a different direction to the one you want to go in today. Think carefully about who you want to be in 2-3 years.
  • Who says you can’t have both? What businesses are out there that align with your values, and will advance your career by giving you credibility, learning opportunities, the chance to take on responsibility, exposure to clients and more…

Realistically, there might have to be some compromise between your values and career advancement, but I council putting your values first. 



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