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Our rundown of Africa’s biggest Gen Z social media stars

Wondering who’s blowing up TikTok in Africa? We’ve got all the information on the key content creators that are making waves across social media right now.

Social media platforms have changed the livelihoods of so many people all over the world, radically altering how we define success and popularity.

Content creation has seen perhaps the biggest shift since the birth of online connectivity. Anyone (if they get lucky with the algorithm) can draw massive followings from YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and even Facebook.

Unsurprisingly, Gen Z are the largest demographic for these platforms – and are paving the way for generational change and ongoing social trends.

Africa has seen many groups of young creators grabbing the attention of world entertainment gurus with dancing, acting, and singing, usually to popular international songs.

Whether it be Nigeria’s Ikorodu Bois, Uganda’s Masaka Kids Africana, and Kenya’s Huruma Town Kids, all these talents are passionate in their art and have garnered a massive following from their online content. Here’s a rundown of Africa’s most notable acts and young creators on the rise.

Kenya’s H-Town Kids

Huruma Town Kids, popularly known as H-Town Kids, are making their presence felt in the entertainment world.

The group started back in 2019 with only one member and, so far, now have more than 20 kids showcasing their talents. They hail from one of Nairobi’s slums called Mathare, one of the urban settlements within the capital city of Kenya.

DJ Khaled recently reshared their dance tribute to his popular song ‘Let It Go’ and was impressed, even taking the time to laud the Kenyan kids on his official social platforms. Not too shabby, eh?


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A post shared by DJ KHALED (@djkhaled)

This got the attention of not only Kenyan followers but also the rest of the world, with this newfound recognition earning them significant buzz.

CNN’s popular correspondent Larry Madowo also gave the group a shoutout for discussing Kenya’s drop in tourism and the difficult challenges this brings to the country’s conservation efforts.


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A post shared by Larry Madowo (@larrymadowo)

Early this year, the kids were nominated for the Africa Kids Awards, with three of the group members nominated under three different categories. This award seeks to celebrate kids and teens using their talents to make an impact in across the continent.

Nigeria’s Ikorodu Bois

They are currently one of the biggest groups from West Africa, best known for remaking scenes from famous movies and music videos. Their creativity has stepped up a gear recently and it hasn’t gone unnoticed – Netflix and movie stars have been getting in contact from across the globe.

Ikorodu Bois is a trio of two brothers and a cousin. They started their career recreating various scenes from movies in their house in Lagos, Nigeria. They managed to generate a massive following of over 1 million on Instagram and are very active with their content on Facebook and YouTube as well.

Last year the group managed to get an invite from Hollywood producers the Russo Brothers for the premiere of Extraction 2, a film they had recreated the trailer for on their social platforms. Will Smith also shared another of their trailer remakes for Bad Boys Forever.

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A post shared by Sam Hargrave (@samhargrave)

Netflix also gave them production equipment to produce whatever content they liked and in April of this year some of their work was posted on the official Netflix YouTube channel to give them access to a wider international audience.

The Ikorodu Bois have motivated a lot of young Africans to pursue their passion regardless of age, and to use social media to create opportunities that would be impossible otherwise.

Uganda’s Masaka Kids Africana

This talented group dance group consists of kids from the ages of 2 to 18 years.

Many of them have lost parents through war or hunger caused by famine. Poverty is a direct cause of Uganda’s high number of orphans with over 2 million children not having stable homes or families.

The kids are from Masaka Children Foundation in Uganda and use dance to express themselves online.  One group, The Triplets Ghetto Kids, graced the 2017 Black Entertainment Television (BET) Awards in 2017 and performed alongside French Montana and Swae Lee. They went viral after dancing to French Montana’s music video ‘Unforgettable’.

Social media has allowed a key breakthrough opportunity for Africa’s young stars to reach audiences that would otherwise have been impossible. Grabbing these new opportunities and inspiring millions across the world should inspire anyone to start their own performances.

Reckon you’ve got what it takes? Get those cameras rolling.


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