Too Good To Go is leading the tech revolution against surplus food waste

Too Good To Go is the rapidly growing social impact start-up leading a revolution against surplus food waste across Europe and the US.

Whether or not you’re partaking in Veganuary, there’s no question that diving into 2021 people are more conscious than ever before in terms of what we’re eating, and limiting carbon footprints will no doubt be one of the popular New Year’s resolutions this year.

Now able to arm ourselves with nifty apps like Klima and Bulb – that help to offset your individual carbon toll with instant payments – keeping ourselves in check in terms of living a relatively green lifestyle and becoming conscious consumers is simpler than ever before.

However, while most are occupied by precisely what they’re eating in terms of carbon calories and their food’s specific production process, an equally important aspect of sustainable eating is all too frequently overlooked, and that’s limiting surplus food waste.

This is where Danish tech-for-good start-up Too Good To Go comes in.

Operating a giant marketplace stocked entirely by surplus grub, Too Good To Go has been bulk buying items taken off shelves for being too close to expiry from restaurants, grocery stores, and bakeries, and has been selling them on to its own customers at greatly reduced prices for over five years.

Building an impressive presence across both Europe and the US – which incidentally is where 40% of the global food supply is said to go to waste – Too Good To Go has already saved over 50 million meals through connecting consumers with local restaurants and grocery stores on its app.

Just for context, each meal that avoids being pulped and re-circulates through the app equates to saving the energy required to charge a smartphone 422 times. So don’t tell me, it’s just a bit of sushi.

Having already established a growing network in Boston, New York, and New Jersey, which includes partnerships with over 600 establishments, the start-up is now gearing up for a huge year. This week Too Good To Go secured a lucrative deal with venture capital firm Blisce, which funded a whopping $15.4 million USD into the platform.

With a few high profile partners in its recent history, including Spotify, Pinterest, and Headspace, Blisce has a serious track record in terms of tapping into the US market and propelling mission-driven entrepreneurs onto big success.

Today, with sustainability being a key marketing element in the game of making sales (especially where Gen Z is concerned), both parties are convinced Too Good To Go’s win-win formula for consumers, business owners, and the planet has it set to blow up in 2021.

Upon revealing this new backing to the press, Mette Lykke, the CEO of Too Good To Go stated: ‘Global food waste is a challenge that requires many solutions. As a company we will continue to rise to this complicated challenge and make a positive impact on the issue in 2021.’

We’ll keep an eye on the company’s rise over the next few months, but in the meantime why not try the app for yourself. It’s available on Apple and Google Play now, and also contains educational resources on how to change your own food waste behaviours at home, work, and school.

Finally, leftovers are becoming fashionable!

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