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The best Black Friday deals for eco-innovators

With Black Friday just around the corner, we’ve collated a bunch of the best deals made available by companies driving eco-innovation and sustainability in the tech sec.

Black Friday is happening this week and as you’d expect people are gearing up for their annual assaults on supermarkets to snap up all the best deals. Automatic doors the world over will be broken, security workers will be trampled, and some children will even be used as melee weapons by angry parents. Yes, it really be like that. We ain’t fittin to end up down that rabbit hole again but check YouTube if you must.

Thankfully, like everything else, Black Friday is becoming largely digitalised. It turns out people would much rather shop online than risk suffocation for a Switch. It’s worth emphasising now that we aren’t exactly the biggest fans of mass consumerism, especially when it leads to mob-like behaviour going viral every November. But if people want to cop some tasty deals online from companies contributing to eco-innovation and sustainability then we’re fully down. Here’s what we found:


It may come as a surprise to some of you that Samsung are one of the biggest champions of sustainability in the tech world, having recently received the highest honour in the Energy Star Awards for the sixth year running. They’ve recycled around £6.2billion worth of e-waste globally and aim to reach £15billion by 2030. Here’s the best of what they’re offering this Friday.

Samsung 75” RU7100 HDR Smart 4K TV

If you’re after a huge telly to binge movies, TV series, and the footie on Boxing Day, then Samsung is offering a saving of £170 for a top tier 4K bit o’ kit.

Boasting ‘true 4K’ colour and clarity, a UHD processer, HDR picture, and Smart Hub, this mega TV is one of the finest on the market for under £1000 and will make the best of Blu-ray players next gen consoles with its low latency.

Amazon: £979

Samsung Galaxy Buds

If you’re after a slightly cheaper alternative to Apple’s AirPods, then the Galaxy Buds are probably the next best thing out there, and they’re part of the Black Friday dealio.

It has to be said that they’re best for people already in the Samsung ecosystem, since they include several features limited only the Galaxy smartphones. But they’re a quality option for wireless buds regardless.

Offering up to 13 hours between charges, water resistance (or sweat resistance for gym buffs), and wireless charging, these compact little buds are available for under £100.

Walmart: £93

Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus

If you want to nab a free pair of Galaxy Buds, Samsung are offering a whole line-up of Galaxy S phones for £200 off, and they come free with each one.

The Galaxy 10 starts at £596 on Amazon, and the larger 10 plus (128 GB) is going for £735. There are a bunch of limited options for cheap contracts too that won’t last beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Amazon: £596


Between facilitating the reuse of £100million worth of recycled plastic, delivering 5 million hours of service to destitute communities around the world, and reducing wastewater discharge in manufacturing by 4.56 million cubic meters, it’s safe to say Dell are doing their bit to protect the planet. Do your bit by buying sustainable.

Alienware 2720HF monitor

If you’re looking to land a decent gaming monitor for your setup this Christmas, we’ve found a serious bargain for a top gaming monitor. Dell’s subsidiary Alienware has reduced the 2720HF from £580 to £450 for Black Friday and you’d do well to get more for your money here.

With a rapid 240Hz refresh rate, the 27-inch IPS is a perfect choice for high-paced games. And without compromising on visual detailing and colour, the pixel response time remains a staggering 1ms. The monitor is both Free-Sync and G-Sync compatible too, so it works well with the popular Nvidia and AMD graphics cards. £450

Dell G3 15 laptop

The best bang for your buck in terms of laptops this Friday probably comes in the form of the Dell G3 15. For £680, you get a 9th-gen Core i5 and GTX 3 GB. It’s not an absolute beast when it comes to gaming, but it’s a really decent option for students and the graphics card is noticeably better than integrated variants. It’s also £120 off. £680


Yup, that’s right people, you can buy products from the best of the best without getting even a hint of the guilts. Apple have recently unveiled their plans to extend the life of their products by inserting Apple-certified repair professionals throughout Best Buy stores all across the US. And on top of this, they’re now building using 100% renewable energy sources. While they don’t ordinarily take part in the whole Black Friday malarkey, there are deals to be had this weekend and we’ve snuffed em out.

Apple Watch Series 4

If you’re officially done with analogues but still want something snazzy on your wrist this December, you’ll be glad to hear that all Series 4 watches are £100 off for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Featuring GPS, electrical and optical heart sensors, digital crown, haptic feedback, and a 64-bit dual-core processor, this watch is a bonafide way of fully succumbing to the digital world. Might be a nice pressie for the customary boomer in your family.

Amazon: £299

Apple 10.2 iPad 2019

Eric Cartman was 100% correct. If you’re after a tablet, there’s nowhere to go but Apple without feeling a little ashamed every time you whip it out on the bus. And there’s £50 of select models this Friday, including the 10.2-inch 2019 in ‘Gold’ and ‘Space Grey’.

With a 10.2-inch retina display and up to 10 hours battery life, this iPad is the best value for money available atm with the Pro models retailing for upwards of £400. Just like its more expensive counterpart, this model also supports the Apple Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil too… so make sure you rub it in the face of anyone who shelled out for a Pro. £299

Apple AirPods w Charging Case

If you’re after some snazzy headphones and have just landed a chunky Xmas bonus then you might want to consider grabbing some 2nd Gen AirPods, as they’re almost 25% off in this deal.

Powered by the H1 Chip, the AirPods use optical sensors and motion accelerometers to detect when they’re in your ears, automatically routing the audio and engaging the microphone. Its 5-hour listening time is bolstered by a multicharge kit that can juice the batteries on the go, and the tech is fully functional with the latest updates in Siri.

LaptopsDirect: £129

Are you interested in snapping up any of the items above for Black Friday, or did we miss a mega-deal out there? If so, you’d better let us know… sharing is caring.