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Vocal synthesiser project Solaris begins crowdfunding

AI technology project Solaris is entering its crowdfunding stage, providing further evidence that the industry is about to be altered significantly.

Ever wanted a singer for your new instrumental but lack the funds or contacts to hire someone?

If you fit into that oddly specific niche than you may want to check out this new crowdfunding campaign launched by Eclipsed Sounds for its project titled Solaris.

Using automated sounds Solaris is able to recreate human vocals almost seamlessly and can be freely tinkered with by users.

It could help spur widespread change for the music industry, which is already heading down a more automated, TikTok friendly route regarding singers and catchy melodies.

What is Solaris?

Solaris is a project being developed by Eclipsed Sounds and Dreamtonics. It is a new AI vocalist that recreates the voice of singer-songwriter Emma Rowley for the Synthesizer V software programme.

It’s been in development for two and a half years and now Eclipsed Sounds is launching a crowdfunding campaign which you can check out here. So far just under £12,000 has been raised since its launch a few weeks ago.

The idea is to have Solaris be a production tool as part of a larger sound kit. It could remove the need for human vocalists entirely which, although a little concerning for musicians, may open doors for indie producers and songwriters.

It’s hoped the crowdfunding campaign will allow Eclipsed Sounds to fully realise its vision – with the eventual aim of making the AI near flawless and indistinguishable from authentic singing.

Why is it a big deal for the industry?

Solaris is another example of tech industry teams creating uncanny and realistic vocal AI programmes – further indicating that the industry will utilise a mix of human and robot vocals fairly soon.

In recent weeks, for example, we’ve seen more automated vocal software become publicly accessible.

One such programme called Uberduck AI allows anyone with a Discord account to create voice clips for various famous figures, including Eminem, Jay Z, and even Ratchet and Clank. I’ve been having particular fun with it the past few days I must admit.

TikTok has also been forced to update its text-to-speech system after the original actor filed a lawsuit – though some users also discovered other options for celebrities voices that work in a similar fashion to Uberduck AI.

It seems we’re very close to voice AI becoming widely accessible and understood – and all for free. It doesn’t sound too realistic just yet, but it’ll no doubt become more convincing with time.

We could be in for a seismic shift and it could be happening very soon.


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