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Sony announces Discord integration for PlayStation

Sony has announced plans to integrate its PlayStation Network with Discord early next year. Could this deal be a gamechanger in bringing the console giant more in-line with the values of young people?

If Microsoft acquiring Bethesda was the biggest gaming coup of 2021, Sony has just secured a deal to arguably take the title for 2022 already.

This week, Sony has announced plans to team up with popular chat service Discord for a full integration into the PlayStation Network arriving early next year.

Discord, long touted as the Gen Z equivalent of Slack, is said to be ‘hard at work’ creating innovative ways of enhancing the social experience on both PlayStation consoles and mobile – though details are currently scarce on what its integration on both services will look like.

The immediate reaction online from PlayStation buffs appears to be predominantly positive, with gamers keen on the prospect of chatting with friends through a full-fledged Discord app whilst playing their favourite titles.

Expressed in a company statement, Sony’s desire to ‘bring the Discord and PlayStation experiences closer together’ suggests that those looking for a full merger may soon get their wish.

If I had to hazard a guess, I think we’re probably looking at a new system wide (and clearly Discord branded) party infrastructure which may offer users an alternative option to start voice chats and send messages with a Discord plugin instead of a PlayStation party.

Those who’ve been with PlayStation from early days will tell you that its party chat function is far from perfect.

Whatever may be in the works, Sony has recently become a minority stakeholder and committed a significant pledge to Discord as part of its Series H investment round. Understood to be long admirers of Discord, Sony believes now it’s the optimum time to bring its 140 million monthly userbase onboard.

As we previously eluded, this coup is nothing to be sniffed at. Discord’s influence is growing in the social media space, so much so that Microsoft recently attempted to acquire the platform for $10 billion – a prospect that is now obviously dead in the water with Sony’s involvement.

Throughout lockdown gaming has solidified itself as the most lucrative entertainment industry and Discord has continued to thrive as a primary choice for players looking to socialise, particularly on PC. Encapsulating everything young people are looking for from a social media platform, it’s no coincidence that Discord continues to go from strength to strength.

Hitting the right cultural notes at just the right time, Discord continues to provide young people with a low-pressure environment for off-the-cuff chats free of potentially damaging mechanics like follower counts. As such, it has become a key facet of marketing campaigns intended to grab the attention of Gen Z.

Suffice to say, having a direct partnership with Discord definitely has its benefits for Sony and PlayStation. The next generation of gamers will love having the perks of Discord at the end of their thumb sticks in 2022.

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