Snapchat’s new astrology update fosters Gen Z lockdown connections

All is written in the stars, and as of Thursday, also on Snapchat.

Whether you’re a horoscope devotee who believes destiny is written in the stars, or just looking for an excuse to break the ice with a crush in lockdown, Snapchat has developed a full-fledged astrology feature to serve your needs. On cloudy nights, there’s always 4G.

Launching on Thursday, users will now see a purple icon when tapping on their Bitmoji image within the app. You’ll then be able opt-in to the ‘Astrological Profile and Compatibility’ update and input your date, time, and place of birth, so the Snapasphere can quickly calibrate detailed charts to be shared between friends and on stories.

You can also save findings to an external camera roll if you’re more into Messenger or WhatsApp. Depending on your results, Tinder may even be a shout, though no guarantee it’ll improve your dating game.

Once you’re in, personality traits synonymous with your sun, moon, rising signs, and planetary dimensions will instantly be available via easy-to-grasp swipable slides, complete with neat twinkling backgrounds.

We know what you’re thinking, and yes, they will offer whimsical insights into our relationships, both platonic and romantic. That means you can weigh your results against your friends and at long last get a definitive (?) answer on compatibility. Hopefully the universe is chill with your latest Hinge date.

While Snapchat readings are mostly just a bit of fun, the scope of the tech is dang impressive. Built from the ground up in collaboration with expert astrologers, over 700 unique digital cards are available at launch – complete with personality readings, advice, and entry level information on the subject.

Beyond this, it’s undoubtedly a pretty cool way of fostering connections between friends at a time where it’s really needed. Snap’s annual 2020 Friendship Report showed that close to 50% of 30,000 respondents have felt lonelier than ever as a result of lockdown restrictions, and this novel update could help to create a stronger sense of community among these young users.

Tech has become the key to achieving some semblance of normality in these trying times, and with Gen Z online – and on social media – more frequently than any other generational cohort, initiatives like this will reach millions of people and bring them some much needed amusement. Whether or not you believe stars have some divine power, it’s surely worth seeing the value in that.

If not, it’s safe to say you’re probably not a Virgo.


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