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Snack: The Gen Z dating platform using vertical video

Snack, billed as the perfect dating app for Gen Z, is merging young people’s love of low-pressure platforms and vertical video. Think Hinge meets TikTok.

If you’ve ever been deemed too ‘thirsty’ in the TikTok comment section, Snack may soon become the natural platform to migrate to.

You’d imagine if Gen Z were to put out an ad for their ideal dating app, it would look a little something like, ‘Wanted: less messaging, more casual flirting.’ On that front, an exciting new app called Snack could be about to find just the right balance.

When it comes to trendsetting, young people have always carried the mantle – certainly in the digital realm – and this new platform is set to bring about two firsts for dating apps.

Principally, as we just stated, this is the first dating app designed specifically with youngsters in mind, and secondly, this debuts the use of vertical video for each user’s profile instead of filtered selfies.

The conventional experience when it comes to mobile dating, as you’ll no doubt be aware already, involves searching for potential suitors by swiping right (as often as our free subscriptions permit) or left and waiting on potential matches to pop.

However, the founder of Snack, Kim Kaplan, wanted to create an environment that suits and appeals to the online habits of Gen Z. That’s why in recent months, the Plenty of Fish founder wisely reached out to a group of young tech moguls called the Gen Z Mafia to help collaborate on the app.

After 10 years of hitting up matches on internal messaging functions with semi-witty icebreakers, I don’t think anyone will deny the game needs shaking up.

Onto Snack’s USP then. Taking full advantage of the mounting obsession with vertical video, this platform will match suitors through – you guessed it – vertical video.

Users will build their profiles from short-bite clips much like TikTok, and will scroll through a feed hitting the like button. If two people mutually like each other’s profile, a direct messenger feature will open up, though regularly posting new content is encouraged to keep possible suitors engaged.

This taps into what analytics consistently show about the mobile dating habits of young people. Internal messaging features have long been dying out in favour of migration to low pressure platforms like Snapchat and Instagram where connections can be built steadily and feel more organic.

Echoing these exact sentiments, Kaplan recently stated, ‘Users don’t want the pressure of starting a whole conversation. Instead, they want to watch stories, comment, and casually engage over time.’

Early into Snack’s actual development, Kaplan is definitely onto something big, and a ton of interest is stemming directly from Gen Z investors.

The company announced in February its seed funding of $3.5 million USD and has now opened the door to a cohort of Gen Z community members, influencers, creators, and investors, to partake in its upcoming $2 million USD funding.

‘I want Gen Z to have a seat at the table and help shape what Snack becomes,’ says Kaplan. ‘I want them to have that voice and participate, and be a champion for Snack.’

If you’re a young person intrigued by any of the opportunities on offer from Snack and want to become an ambassador, head here for more details.

If you’re just waiting around for the android launch though, maybe get prepping your videos in TikTok drafts.