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Our October guide to gaming

Call to all gamers: October is shaping up to be a seriously exciting month, so get busy clearing some greedy gigabytes off your hard drives.

September gave us a much-awaited sequel to the Gears franchise, a frankly underwhelming addition to an already waning FIFA series, and our first next gen experience of the Borderlands, but October is the month most have been waiting for in 2019 and it’s finally here. Pinch punch, first of the month.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Kickstarting October we have the 16th addition to Ubisoft’s immensely popular tac shooter series, Ghost Recon. And those that shelled out for the Breakpoint Ultimate Edition can start chipping away at John Bernthal’s army of ghosts as of today (1st Oct).

Wildlands’ narco-state adaption of Bolivia has been tossed out with its corny caricature cholos cast after it. And in its place, we have a newly imagined island called Auroa. Once a tech-libertarian paradise, the island has now been seized by Bernthal and his military cohorts.

The gameplay looks pretty similar to its predecessor, you’ll still be crouching through tropical forests and marking enemies, leaping over sand mounds in four-by-fours, and dropping into dangerous fortresses from a various helicopters. But the general story has been made more evocative, gritty, and – according to Ubisoft Paris – a little less of a slog.

We’ll wait for the reviews. For those that’re already sold, the global release is coming on Friday (4th Oct).

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep DLC

People are still playing Destiny 2 apparently, and those who’ve stuck it out will have the opportunity to spend hundreds more hours grinding for exotics and OP light garments this month.

For the guardians out there who just can’t let go, you’ll have a new lunar HQ and campaign complete with fresh exotics. The armour system has been totally reworked to offer enhanced customisation for stats and aesthetics. You’ll now be able to maintain the look of your favourite pieces of armour while utilising the abilities of another.

Finishing moves have been added to freshen up gunplay too and Artifacts are returning as a seasonal item to be levelled and modded as players see fit.

If, like me, you gave up on Destiny a while ago but fancy jumping back in for this DLC, the crucible is a no-fly zone less you fancy a good pwning.

With a new power cap of 750 the competition is tougher than ever. Play it safe with farming and timed events to shorten the gap. Bored is better than angry.

Release date: 1st Oct.

The Outer Worlds

Obsidian Entertainment’s answer to the likes of Fallout and Borderlands looks something like a sci-fi hybrid of the two, topped off with amusing NPCs and decent gunplay mechanics.

Set in an alternate future, megacorporations have started colonising and terraforming alien planets. After creating your character, you awake at the edge of colony space when your ship – originally destined for the furthest reaches of the galaxy – veers off course.

Packaged with the easily accessible nature of the first-person shooter, this RPG has been backed by gamers to achieve success akin the best sandboxes oat.

WithThe Outer Worlds’ emphasis on freedom of play, detailed customisation, and level exploration, all bolstered by a complex morality system, it looks like it has something everyone can enjoy. It’s going to be one of the finest titles of 2019. Calling it now.

The Outer Worlds crashes onto the market on Oct 25th.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Let’s face it, Call of Duty has largely failed to carry its legacy into the next generation of gaming. Purist fans (myself included) have become fed up with the poor decisions in recent years that’ve taken away from what once made the franchise so special.

The recurrence of exosuits, wall-running, and implausible military technologies just do not belong in the game, and the drop in sales and player retention shows that.

CoD works best at ground level with simple mechanics and realistic weaponry, bolstered by an interesting and plausible single-player experience, i.e not floating around in space being pursued by an evil Jon Snow.

Thankfully it appears Infinity Ward is exercising the age-old proverb: ‘if it aint broke, don’t fix it’ this time around, and are bringing the eminently popular Modern Warfare series back in order to get the naysayers back onside.

The open beta was as fun as I’ve had playing CoD for a seriously long time and I can scarcely remember one of their titles having such hype and buzz around it prior to release.

Release: Oct 25th.

With such a hefty lineup this month it’s looking like I’m gonna have to ask for an advance in my pocket money. What are you most looking forward to?