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Is Rockstar working on a new medieval IP?

Recent rumours and leaks suggest the developers behind Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto could be working on a new medieval franchise.

Rockstar are renowned for creating some of the best open world experiences in gaming, period. But they’ve also garnered notoriety for taking so darn long in said games’ development and making new announcements.

Thankfully, hot on the spurred heels of Red Dead Redemption 2’s release just a year ago, we’re already hearing a whole bunch of rumours related to the developer’s upcoming projects.

The latest murmurings on social media suggest that Rockstar could be working on a brand-new open world IP set in medieval times. Granted, we’d already heard a while back that something entitled ‘Project Medieval’ was being kicked around by the devs in secret, but this is the first time in a while we’ve had tangible evidence that the idea has gone beyond the drawing board.

The update comes from the LinkedIn profile of Rockstar ‘character artist’ Pawas Saxena, who inadvertently revealed the company were hiring for someone to create ‘modular environment pieces’ with ‘organic finish following medieval architectural style’. As you can imagine, eagle eyed Redditors were quick to pounce on the leak, and Saxena removing the original post proved a feeble attempt to stop the jibber-jabber of gamey matter (and further confirmation of the new project).

What’s crystal clear at the moment is that Rockstar has been hiring creative talent to work on a next-gen open world game, but this impetus could relate to any of the rumoured IPs from the studio. Personally, I’m hoping they go way left field and create a sequel to LA Noire… yeh I know, I need to let it go.

Now that leaks and rumours have emerged on social, it’s more than likely Rockstar will bring some clarity to the situation soon, though I doubt they’ll be any big announcements so close to the release of RDR2 for PC. The prospect of galivanting around ye olde villages jacking horses and poking jests at nobles is an extremely appealing one though, and I’d love the rumours to be true.

Check back on Thred for any updates.