Instagram ups its creative tools for Reels and Stories

Following on from September’s convenient updates, Instagram is swiftly rolling out the next batch of creative features for Reels and Stories.

It’s no secret that Instagram is dead set on challenging TikTok to become numero uno in the vertical video space, and this week’s tweaks to Reels and Stories, minor as they may be, are designed to maximise users’ creative options on the platform.

Having drastically improved the trimming and deletion options for Reels back in September, Instagram is now beginning to up the ante with its editing tools, as the video-app fully integrates with Facebook in the near future.

First up, Reels is getting a welcome update to its audio composition options, and one that will surely close the gap to TikTok in terms of functionality.

With pretty self-explanatory titles, the additions of ‘Audio Mix’ and ‘Voice Over’ options will ensure people can now quickly and easily create the ‘embarrassing anecdote’ clips that’ve become synonymous with Instagram’s short-bite rival.

Multiple audio tracks (be that music or voice recordings) can now be layered over Reels clips, and then adjusted in terms of volume level to achieve the perfect mix. Simply tap the microphone at the top of the screen in the Reels composer, and you’ll prompt a few easy-to-grasp hints. Even boomers can get to grips with Reels just in time for New Year’s Eve, provided they have the update.

Beyond this, Insta has seen fit to expand on options within its ‘Edit Clips’ ability, giving users more than ever before to play around with on a frame by frame basis. At this early stage, we don’t have all the specifics, but rest assured Reels is looking more like TikTok by the day. Your Facebook and Insta followers are quaking with anticipation.

If Instagram Stories are more your thing, a few new features are headed your way too. Screenshots are fast emerging on Twitter of lucky users already enjoying the addition of the ‘Camera Booth’ mode, which takes several rapid shots at a single push of a button. Users who regularly turn to separate video editing apps to tune their content’s aesthetic for Instagram will also be chuffed to hear that a dedicated ‘Colour Filter’ option will soon roll out for in-app adjustments within Stories.

There’s no denying that social media is once again focusing on creativity and providing audiences with state-of-the-art tools to play around with.

Snapchat’s introduction of Voisey and Spotlight looks to have revived the platforms once massive user base. Twitter and even LinkedIn have rolled out Stories features of their own, and now Facebook (with Instagram) is endlessly pushing TikTok to continue innovating if it wishes to stay at the top. Safe to say, this competition spells good news for all of us, as we navigate the 2020 holidays in lockdown.

If you’re one of the lucky creatives to have these new features already installed for Stories and Reels, do the rest of us a favour and provide a sneak preview of what’s to come.

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