Facebook’s donation tools raise $5bn for worthy causes

Through public donation tools on both Facebook and Instagram, Zuckerberg claims more than $5 billion has been raised in non-profit fundraisers.

The pandemic has definitely been something of a double edged sword for Facebook.

With folk condemned to their homes across the globe over the last 12 months, engagement has risen significantly on both Facebook and Instagram. However, with the two being such popular networks for topical conversation, they’ve also become conduits for the spread of misinformation.

Compiled by concerns of allowing anti-democratic policies to creep in, the continued presence of hate groups, frequent security breaches, and illegal activity proliferating on Facebook Marketplace, it’s safe to say PR throughout 2020 and the start of 2021 hasn’t exactly been great for Zuckerberg and co.

Though going after Facebook and its policies seems a popular thing to do at the moment, and while its chiefs can’t really claim it’s unwarranted, that doesn’t mean we should pay any less attention to the major benefits to come from the platform’s massive reach.

Nothing short of a powerhouse when it comes to providing opportunities for non-profits, a new company announcement has revealed that a staggering $5 billion USD has been raised through Facebook and Instagram’s donation tools.

As you can see from the chart here, Facebook launched several updates since 2016 with a focus on expanding its fundraising and community change ambitions – the most recent including options to create and share non-profit campaigns within personal feeds.

Facebook fundraising

Arriving as an addition to a slew of existing features, such as awareness stickers and fundraising on Instagram Live back in November, the total sum raised for COVID related causes alone throughout 2020 reached more than $175 million USD. Impressive, eh?

While COVID has undoubtedly been the central focus for crowdfunding, these tools have prompted clicktivists across the globe to donate to a wealth of charities and worthy causes.

Proudly displayed in the announcement, Facebook shows how these tools have brought meals to hungry families, reunited immigrant parents with their children, supported the period poverty movement, prevented suicide and self-harm, provided homes for discarded pets, and a bunch more.

Facebook fundraising tips

Even the most ardent cynics have to tip their hats to Facebook on this occasion, and concede that this is far from bluewashing.

Decide for yourselves whether or not this announcement is enough to redeem Facebook’s reputation, but regardless this story serves as a reminder of the immense influence of social media and how it can be harnessed for good.

In the context of 2021, it’s still early days for Facebook. Stay on this positive track and it’s not too late to come out on top.


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