Clubhouse opens monetisation opportunities to creators

With other big players circling to take advantage of the audio chatroom space, Clubhouse is now opening monetisation opportunities to keep its creators in house.

Clubhouse is fast discovering that there’s no such thing as a USP patent in the social media space. But as user incentives go, free stuff and dollars in the bank is good way of keeping people onside.

As Twitter and Facebook lurk in the wings, hungry to take advantage of the continued interest in ephemeral platforms – meaning those which erase conversations once they’re over – Clubhouse is being forced to think on its feet to retain and grow its current user base.

Despite only being available on iOS (with Android versions in the works) and continuing to operate on an invite-only basis, Clubhouse has managed to grab the attention of Gen Z, rocketing from 600,000 active weekly users in December to 10 million today.

Emerging as a direct challenger to Clubhouse with its own audio chat clone ‘Spaces,’ Twitter has prompted Clubhouse to release a slew of new monetisation opportunities to prevent its biggest influencers and emerging creators from jumping ship to platforms with larger reach.

This new initiative aptly named ‘Clubhouse Creators First’ will provide 20 of the app’s creators with ‘the resources to bring their ideas and creativity to life,’ which app seniors hope will cement Clubhouse’s position as numero uno in the audio chat space.

By filling out the application here, you will instantly make yourself eligible for the program though we’re not entirely sure what Clubhouse officials are looking for from their final picks – probably metrics, let’s be honest.

Of the thousands of applications likely to be lodged on March 31st, the 20 successful ones will gain instant access to top range broadcasting equipment, expert assistance in developing concepts, and will be put in touch with relevant brands for sponsorship openings.

Co-founder Paul Davison has also pledged a guaranteed monthly income of at least $5,000 USD for each member on-top of what they own individually from their content. Be right back… something just came up.

In addition to these monetisation opportunities, Clubhouse is looking to keep creators onside by accelerating the rollout of long overdue product features. Over the coming weeks, those lucky enough to be on the app right now will notice improvements to language filtering for chatrooms, and the ability to now share links to your profile or club.

On that front, sending invites previously would demand access to a users’ phone contacts, but in lieu of privacy concerns that feature will be axed. Burgeoning pro-democracy cohorts on the app will certainly be pleased that their data is safe from the prying eyes of governments.

With Clubhouse celebrating its first anniversary today (March 17th) it has had quite the inaugural year. The sudden rise of audio social has been both a blessing and a curse for the app, with the likes of Twitter and Facebook now looking to get a slice of the action, but it has positioned itself well to continue thriving in its own right.

It’s encouraging to see the newbie app showing serious cajones in the face of big rivals.


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