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Tiffany & Co. taps into hypebeast culture with Supreme collab

The luxury jewellery and homeware brand is looking to expand its consumer market beyond Upper East Side dwellers and soon-to-be-engaged Millennials this fall.

When you think of Tiffany & Co., you’re likely to think of the dainty, classic, minimal aesthetic of the 1960s, emulated most famously by Audrey Hepburn.

The brand has been a long-time seller of luxury goods and coveted diamonds worth millions, the stuff of dreams for women and girls around the world.

Tiffany & Co.’s most recent campaign featured Jay-Z and Beyonce, with Bey sporting a rather controversial blood diamond Tiffany necklace only worn previously by two celebrity icons – Ms. Hepburn and Lady Gaga.

So it’s slightly unsurprising that following this million-dollar PR boost from the music industry’s biggest power couple, a collaboration with hypebeast brand Supreme would be next on the agenda.

Tiffany and Co. is unsubtly looking to capture the Gen-Z market with their latest tagline ‘This Is Not Your Mother’s Tiffany’. The collaboration’s initial response on social media?


Credit: Tiffany & Co. x Supreme


Tiffany & Co.’s partnership with Supreme suggests a divergence from its typically established and sophisticated clientele to a younger, progressive, and rebellious generation.

Alexandre Arnault, the brand’s new executive vice president is cited as responsible for igniting this spark within the company. He was previously the CEO of Rimowa, a luxury luggage line, and piloted suitcase collaborations with high-end brands like Dior, Moncler, and Supreme itself.

To attract and embody the vibe of a younger customer group, the Tiffany x Supreme’s initial promo adapts a gender fluid feel, with the brand’s iconic ‘Return To Tiffany’ heart pendant on a freshwater pearl necklace – worn by American skateboarder Sean Pablo.

Pablo is well-known for his tattooed, grungy aesthetics, as well as his previous high-profile collaborations with Converse streetwear brand PARADISE.



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The choice to use men for the collaborations initial launch opens the jewellery brand to men in a way it has rarely done before.

Each of the items include the Heritage 925 engraving, aside from a t-shirt which trades the traditional red Supreme logo for the famous turquoise blue of Tiffany’s jewellery boxes.

Other known items included are a luxury key/pocketknife, heart tag keyring, star-shaped bracelet, heart-shaped earrings, and an army tag chain – with more estimated to be released.

This may have been an unexpected or even seemingly off brand business decision for Tiffany & Co. just a few years ago, but with the rise of hypebeast culture and Gen-Z’s inclination to mix vintage and modern styles together, it totally works.

Credit: Tiffany & Co. x Supreme


As Supreme drops are usually highly exclusive, so is the Tiffany x Supreme collection.

The items go on sale from November 11th, with Supreme encouraging shoppers in Berlin to sign up for the release event in the official store so that they don’t miss out.

Experts are suggesting luxury brands must focus on Gen-Z if they want to stay afloat in the future, and it looks like Tiffany has hit the nail on the head.

Tiffany & Co. has mixed their timeless, sterling silver styles with one of the most hyped luxury brands of our generation – and if you know anything about Supreme, you’ll know it’s bound to be a hit.