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The Good Face Project grades cosmetic ingredients

Artificial Intelligence ‘clean beauty’ start-up The Good Face Project has launched an app designed to help consumers research cosmetic ingredients.

Described as a data-driven index of cosmetic ingredients, The Good Face Project (GFP) has launched an app for iOS that aims to help conscious consumers research what’s going into the products their using.

Similar to platforms such as Skin Deep by the Environmental Working Group and Think Dirty, the app uses AI algorithms to provide shoppers with a personalised regimen of clean beauty products that won’t harm their skin or the environment.

The San-Diego based start-up has analysed more than 45,000 products and ‘graded’ 80,000 individual ingredients across 15 dimensions of effectiveness, safety, and cosmetic benefits.

Now, each ingredient is listed with links to the latest research reports, updated regularly based on tech-led searches through a range of scientific journals. They are then given a plus or minus safety grade and divided into four main categories: allergens, irritants, hormone disruptors and carcinogens.

‘Each year, nearly 3,000 new beauty brands are launched in the US, and while there never seems to be a lack of options when it comes to makeup and skincare, there is still a major lack in regulation,’ says co-founder and CEO, Iva Teixeira.

Following two years of development, GFP has only now decided to launch as clean beauty hits the mainstream, particularly in America. In fact, last year clean beauty brands saw 39% year-over-year sales growth according to NPD Group, while those identifying as ‘natural’ saw 14%.

‘Some of the industry’s top brands are still including ingredients like formaldehyde and carcinogens in their products, making them entirely unsafe to use, but not regulated enough to be pulled from shelves. This was the impetus for founding The Good Face Project,’ adds Teixeira.

The company also wants to help brands and features an in-depth index that they can be a part of if they’re happy sharing certain information. If these brands hold any concerns about receiving a poor rating, GFP will assist with reformulating their products by working with external manufacturers to develop clean formulas.